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Preparations for Trip!!!

This is 4am and I have train for Pindi trip at 9am. Tired, sleepy but can’t take sleep more than 1 and half an hour. After chairman of UITCS I found the preparation not in term of goodies, but now to continue the work in your absence. And it makes you worry. I spent more than 5 hours only for make my backups. From preparation of tasks list to send alternate contact information, it all took much time and energy. I hope, this tour will be a good tour for me, so pray for me :) Allah Hafiz

UIT Computer Science Poster Session:::

At last, Sir Parkash Loahana (HOD of CS) agreed to do a poster session of Computer Science Dept. Earlier, this idea had floated into HODs of other department, but as they have being doing, refuse to do some thing new. No matter what was the reasons but they did not try to initiate some thing good. But, along it here is burden of work, waiting for me. The last two days was the worst days. There was not only lot of work in UIT but also were meetings with my clients. In yesterday’s meeting we form the teams and propose the team leaders, almost finalized. Now, team leaders have to form their teams. The plans and work flows seem good and hope it all will end at a good event.

Free Visual Studio Learning!!!

Microsoft offers free online learning course of ASP.NET2 and VB2005. you can chose one out of six of VB or one out of nine of ASP.NET2. Procedure is simple just go at and follow the instructions. For offline learning you need e-learning offline player that is free available to download.

End of Exam

Finally the exam has finished. The time for party …. But … my sadness I am chairman of Computer Society. Well, the sense of responsibility takes away you from normal routine of life. A number of things are in pipe line, planning for lot, but also fact in action very few at least still. How was paper? I never think about it, just tried to prepare as best I could, went and did my best. I am confidence I did my best and Inshallah will get better result. This time after 2 semester again I did preparation alone. I love it but this time feeling difficulty as I was mentally not prepare for it. Now, till end of January there is inter-semester break. I am planning to grip C# with web services. Let see, how lucks matter this time :)

Papers, papers and papers

Two fires and three are remaining. Today is third, first one was bit surprising but last one not much. Mean while, tickets of trains confirmed for tour of Rawalpindi to participate in Nastec 2005 organizing by NIIT (NUST Institute of IT). Have to go, around 3 hours left from staring of today’s paper and still have to study some topics.  Pray for me ;) Allah Hafiz

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gates!!!

The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda, were named Time magazine’s “Persons of the Year” along with Irish rocker Bono for being “Good Samaritans” who made a difference in different ways. Source:

Coming soon, but papers!!!

The exams will start from Monday, so these days just preparation of exams. It is very difficult to concentrate on study when involving different activates. Even, during the perpetration I have involving in designing and planning of different activities immediately after examination. Fortunately or unfortunately, the academic calendars of different universities are different. This cause difficulties in organizing any open activity. Yesterday (Friday) got call from MS regarding arrange VS2005 and SQL2005 launch in UIT. Well, almost finalized bet another extra work during the exams. Between preparations, I designed some technical stuff to post on my blog, hope will post after exams.
Yesterday here in Karachi, Pakistan Cricket Team celebrated a fantastic win of 165 run against England. Does this picture not show the story? :) I passed my day in UIT due to a call from Parkash Lohana and could not see live match, but enjoyed the highlights. [edited]

For web masters!!!

Here I am first time on my blog with some technical stuff. A web master, who creates one site or multiple sites, working as freelancer or for an organization, he/she always wishes that his/her site get attraction. Even some time organizations wish that their site hold some honors. I found some of the ways. Today come across to different web site related to web master. In fact regard to web master reorganization. One is It allows web master to enlist them there but require a page where they can post there link. It looks like a link exchange, but this time you will be exchange with some reward. Good thing is that Pakistan Web Designer category exists there. Another is site of International Webmaster Association ( But here membership is paid and they also formed the chapter. The only tangible benefit is that you can use their logo on your visiting and letter heads but for this paying 49$ (around Rs.2940/-) is not considerable. The last one, pakrank

Silent Visitors!!!

Hello every one, oh good. People are visiting my blog. They informed me on online chats and email, but here :( no comments. I think BlogSpot should restrict user to leave a comments ;). Well, I would like to thanks to all those people and expecting future visits too, and also looking forward for suggestions and comments.
A party view during lunch. The standing person in blue shirt is Mr. Parkash Lohana, HOD of Computer Science Dept. He is one of the biggest charming an cooperative person  
Me & Mr. Ayub Latif, he is receiving the Token of Remember.  

My Blog begging for a post!!!

Back again, struggling for a managed life, but as always never managed :(. Put title of blog after a long session of thinking and also short intro, not surprising that I did.. oh Thanks God!!! Was busy with lab examination, graduate directory work and other stuff. Even I missed Microsoft Road Show because of illness and lab exam. But bull shit, when teacher postponed the lab exam :(. In addition, a bit disappointment from Microsoft. They honored us with title of Microsoft Student Ambassador but looking us just for a volunteer in their event. Is it not quire surprising that when you reach in a called meeting from Microsoft and then got a briefing on event that how to manage the registration process in these stuff? Well, still I hope that Microsoft Pakistan people will realize that a title must need to pay some thing, at least attention.

Semi Test Post

Assalam’aalikum!!! At last my post is here, although settings of my blog are not finalized but I decided to start blogging. I had setup my blog on msn spaces, but could not maintain on regularly basis including factor of heavy graphical blog provided from msn space (but don’t forget that I am also lazy person (). Well, which type of blog I am going to show you… hmm… a bit technical stuff, my experiences, show case of my daily life, and more. I am not going to fix my blog on one topic or aspect nor interested in multiple do blogs belong for me (personal). This is Monday morning; have to go college, My Intro and a lot other post are in pipe line so people don’t miss it… I am coming ( Allah Hafiz
Testing Post!!! Coming soon, this is a testing post to finalize settings of blog. Hope you don’t mind it :) Warms Greeting!