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Anonymous said…
Aoa. Kia haal hain yaar. Congrats on winning in Nastec. Chalo UIT kuch to jeeta, ab iss ko barqarar rakhna. Anyways I wanted to know how I could get a copy of the Farewell DVD. Plzz help me out yaar :) ok buddy you take care.AH
Qasim Pasta said…
Thanks for you commenting and visiting my blog. Today, I will try to get know and will inform you. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Eid Mubarak sir jee. Aur sunao kiaa kia kaata. suna hai tum qasai bun kar ghoom rahay thay :) Yaar change the comments to popup or use commenting system like Aur sunao kaisi guzar rahi hai. howz UIT. Sir Ayub ki jagah kaun aaya hai. Aur Farewell DVD kay baray main to post karo yaar. ok buddy take care. AH

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