A trick with Orkut!!!

Orkut some how not only a social network ... but it also play some part in people life ... like announcement of classes take place there, you can find invitation for upcoming party there... and much more like these.

But since few weeks... every one is complaining that Communities are not opening ... there is always 'Bad, bad server. No donut for you.' error page. Today my friend told me a trick to by pass .. yes by pass this error... why I used word by pass... bcz ... communities are opening .. but it is Orkut team who are not allowing ... and now we are bypassing them ...simple...

The trick is that just replaced Community word with 'CommTopics' in URL ... it will show Community Topics page instead of Community Profile page...

for example, bellow is the URL of community of our campus....


I just replaced Community with 'CommTopics' and it worked...


So, enjoy it and comments here!!!


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