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during random blogging, I saw this advertise ...   you can see ... Mental Level of stake holders of our Education System ....

Tech-Ed Developers 2006 Poster Conference DVD

Today I received ' Tech-Ed Developer 2006' Post Conference DVD which held on 7-10th November 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. I had selected to attend this Conference but could not (to see reason click here ) I got two DVDs, one for Tech-Ed Developers and second one for Tech-Ed IT Forum. Still, I just checked Developers' DVD, and its containing data of more than 6 GB ... yah I am sure... I checked twice :) ... 204 Presentations, 86 Hands On Lab Manual, 18 Virtual Slides Videos, All Demo Codes and 188 Videos of Break out sessions.. amazing I just checked out one, 'DEV001 DEMO: Adopting ClickOnce for Real World Applications'. It is an one hour video and in first 30 minutes I found ... it is very useful and exploring very good features of VS.Net, even I could not find in number of books. These days I am quite busy in my FYP, but soon I will write about ClickOnce... that I learned from this video ...

03A- BS : My Batch!!!

                                [1st Row, left to right] Junaid, Khurram, Naveed, Imran, Shahzad, Me, Baqar, Nasir, Qasim Khalil [2nd Row, left to right] Asif, Atif, Roohul, Zeeshan, Nooman, Abdullahi and Zakaria (Both are from Somalia) [Last row and only] Waqas My batch mates with whom I spend my four years at Usman Institute of Technology ... oho .. yup we are missing girls but only in this pic :D .. The missing people are Sobia, Shaista, Aliya, Mehar, Najma .. where CR of class Osama is also missing .... :) I know you are intelligent  ..

Templates and Generics

Few days before I downloaded "Introduction to Generics - Part 1" video from LearnVisualStudio.NET . But it gave me impression that Generic is same as template as in C++. But after googling I found No, there are some differences. Well, as far simple implementation concerns ... I can say similarity ... but if you go bit deeper ... there are much differences. However, there is no doubt that Generics are improved form of templates. Generics and templates have a minor overlap in functionality. They both make it possible to create parameterized types which make it possible to create type safe collections Generics Templates Constraint mechanism Subtype constraints Lazy structural constraints Allows explicit specialization No Yes Allows partial specialization No Yes Type identity of specialization Globally unique Unique to each assembly Cross language facility

Architect Video!!

This is a very good video telling why do we need architects. Check it out here Architect Video Technorati tags: Technology

In the line of fire

Exams are going on .... two went .. two left ... Few days before I receive pdf version of our president's book In The Line of Fire - by Pervez Muhsaraf. It some how took my focus and I started reading immediately. A book of 356 pages can't read in a single sit.So, I put it on my desktop and read as I get time. During reading this book, number of times I thought to comments but could not bcz Gher ki Bat Gher main rahe to acha he !!!. Today, I was reading its chapter 18, on page 177 (179 of my pdf), I found "With all this facing Pakistan, with so many pulls in different directions, there was a dire need for unity of command in governance. By this I imply a single authority over the three important organs of government—the bureaucracy, the political system, and the military.'Whether anyone liked it or not, circumstances had vested this command in me. In the changed environment, I thought that removing my uniform would dilute my authority and command at a time when bot

White Day!!!

Yesterday we all(probably) classmates celebrates White Day, all wearing white shirts with markers in hand where our juniors and friends wrote their comments on our shirt. Some people might think it as useless, but believe me when I reached home and saw comments on my shirt I decided to save it till my life. There was not all compliments, but whatever...I liked that. Unfortunately I don't have any digital camera to snap and then show here.... but few of them are: Jali Mula Sudar Jao  keep smile... Bi Gulabo(Nida) Badmaza Pasta.....  Shah G(Shahid)... I love you Qasim BAHI.....  Kaki(Sadaf)!!! We will miss u .. UITCS... written by Haseeb UIT se jane ki zarorat nahi ...  Monis one of the most inspiring guys of UIT ...  Sobia gr8 leadership ..  Faizan Saeed C++, C ka cheeta .... Moazzam Future talent of TA .... Moid Egyptian Mummy .... Zeeshan One of thinnest fellow ... Danish UIT affairs consular ... Uncle (Qasim Khalil) Live Happy Long and healthy life Ameen... Aliya The icon of fr