In the line of fire

Exams are going on .... two went .. two left ... Few days before I receive pdf version of our president's book In The Line of Fire - by Pervez Muhsaraf. It some how took my focus and I started reading immediately. A book of 356 pages can't read in a single sit.So, I put it on my desktop and read as I get time.

During reading this book, number of times I thought to comments but could not bcz Gher ki Bat Gher main rahe to acha he !!!.

Today, I was reading its chapter 18, on page 177 (179 of my pdf), I found

"With all this facing Pakistan, with so many pulls in different directions, there was a dire need for unity of command in governance. By this I imply a single authority over the three important organs of government—the bureaucracy, the political system, and the military.'Whether anyone liked it or not, circumstances had vested this command in me. In the changed environment, I thought that removing my uniform would dilute my authority and command at a time when both were required most. Therefore, much against my habit and character,I decided to go against my word. I decided not to give up my uniform."

After reading it, I just thought that in his opinion might be no one such talented as he. And might even no one in army too, to whom he can transfer all his power. I don't mind his presidency or his uniform. But I am afraid, what will happen if he leave us... no one such talented ... then? No one in our country deserve to handle such situation .. if there is another 9/11 then? .. is it not childish thinking? Because, still I am child of my mother :)


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