White Day!!!

Yesterday we all(probably) classmates celebrates White Day, all wearing white shirts with markers in hand where our juniors and friends wrote their comments on our shirt.

Some people might think it as useless, but believe me when I reached home and saw comments on my shirt I decided to save it till my life. There was not all compliments, but whatever...I liked that. Unfortunately I don't have any digital camera to snap and then show here.... but few of them are:

Jali Mula Sudar Jao  keep smile... Bi Gulabo(Nida)
Badmaza Pasta.....  Shah G(Shahid)...
I love you Qasim BAHI.....  Kaki(Sadaf)!!!
We will miss u .. UITCS... written by Haseeb
UIT se jane ki zarorat nahi ...  Monis
one of the most inspiring guys of UIT ...  Sobia
gr8 leadership ..  Faizan Saeed
C++, C ka cheeta .... Moazzam
Future talent of TA .... Moid
Egyptian Mummy .... Zeeshan
One of thinnest fellow ... Danish
UIT affairs consular ... Uncle (Qasim Khalil)
Live Happy Long and healthy life Ameen... Aliya
The icon of friendship ... Atif
My Best Buddy ... GT
Best of Luck and gr8 dude .. Hafsa
and much more....

The celebration started lately... as always with our class ... but then opening by me .... and soon found my T-shirt with no white space to write more.... I missed ... one another T-shirt :D ...


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