At last here is Gold Medalist (Alhamdulillah)!!!

Alhamdulillah, I got Gold Medal at 11th Convocation of Hamdard University for getting First Position in BSCS faculty (for BATCH 03A of UIT). Convocation went excellent; beside bit mismanagement there was nothing to worry. Chief Minister of Sindh Mr. Arbab Gulam Rahim and Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Chaudhary Pervez Ilahi were Guests of Honor and Chief Guests.

I received my medal from CM of Sindh Mr. Arbab Ghulam Rahim. He is having very pleasant personality. When I reached him to receive my medal, he told in very gentle voice "Abh tu sawal uthe ga k dari wale log ziada hogaye hain" :-)

I am thankful to Dear Allah who gave me strength!!!
I am thankful to my dear parents whose prayers are always with me!!!
I am thankful to my Sister, brother and entire family whose always encourage me!!!
I am thankful to my cousin and guider Mr. Ibrahim Memon who always keep me in right direction!!!
I am thankful to my respectable teachers whose always encourage me!!!
I am thankful to my Dear Friends Adnan Memon and Rehan Ranavaya whose always provide me feedbacks to improve my performance!!!
I am thankful to my all colleagues and fellows, specially juniors, whose always support me!!!
At last but not least ... I am thankful to Respectable Director of UIT (former HOD of my department) Mr. Parkash Lohana for every thing he did for me (it is really impossible to define in words)....

Here are few snaps ...  for more snaps check out my album :)

My Album (more snaps are coming soon)


Anonymous said…
Congrats, buddy!
And good luck for your career!
Anonymous said…
MashAllah!. I'm saying this a little late though but CONGRATS!

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