GooglePages - Exceeded bandwidth limit!!!

Recently, I used, known as Google Page Creator. Its a lightweight web tool for creating personal home pages and simple sites; and host these pages on Google server. Every thing is simple .... but I came across an error "Exceeded bandwidth limit' ...

Error is simple, your site facing too much traffic ... but how much??? there must be a limit define by Google. But, unfortunately they said

Exceeded bandwidth limit" basically refers to how much traffic your site can get during a given time. While we do have a limit set on it, we are not at liberty to disclose the amount at this time. If you exceed the bandwidth limit on your site, please know that your site will come back as soon as your site's traffic has fallen below our set amount.

It is some thing unbelievable from people at Google!!! Amazing ...


Tom Hunter said…
I have a popular website: and I got the bandwidth exceeded. But, given the nature of my site, they agreed to bump up my limit. I also have a mirror.

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