10 points for a good presentation

Once I participated in live session of Hammad Rajoub about tips & tricks of presentations. Today, I found notes which I took during that session and thought it will be good to share with you all. So, the following are 10 points about how to prepare a good presentation (Courtesy to Hammad)

1.      Tip #1: Subject & Preparation

  • Right subject that you want to do
  • Learn and present (presenting is learning)

2.      Tip #2: KISS Principle

  • Keep It Simple Stupid!
  • Effective and be clear: Your slides, messages must be clear and simple  e.g: if you having code demo, and thing … must be simple

3.      Tip#3: A picture is worth a System.Int64.Max words

  • Use pictures
  • Get pictures and store for future presentations

4.      Know your audience

  • Who is your audience? Why are we coming? What is the purpose?
  • Registrations can help in this regard
  • Be calm, give them chance to respond
  • Adjust yourself and adapt (listen, respond, adjust and adapt)

5.      Communicate

  • Communicate your emotion to audience
  • Cool code demos, logical conclusion

6.      Presentation Style

  • speak, pause, listen,
  • give chance audience to communicate with you
  • humor: relevant humor can grab the attention of your audience
  • Anti: Never use slides to read

7.      Less is More

  • Keep your content relevant, keep point
  • One idea per slide
  • Keep check on word count …..

9.      Content, Content…

  • Before using PowerPoint, start writing content
  • Content distribution … two or three pages (word doc) through emails .. blog etc..

10.  Do’s and Don’ts

  • Dos
  • Prepare the code demo before the hand…
  • Introduce yourself
  • Involve audience … listen them, reach them …
  • Don’ts
  • Don’t repeat yourself …
  • Don’t put too many animation or too many cool features of PowerPoint
  • Don’t read from slides


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