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[Urdu Clip] Punctuality


Kho Na Jayen Ye Taare Zameen Per!

I am pretty much sure you have idea what I am talking about. Yes, It is about movie 'Taaee Zameen Per'. I am not going to write here any movie review (you can fine lot by a simple search on Google ). I am here to ask that did you look around you? Have you found any 'Taara' around you who needs your attention? Do you not think Amir has given a message to all of us ? Should we wait for something to happen or should we take initiative? Do you have dare to change the things? If you then let me know .... remember ... Kho Na Jayen Ye Taare Zameen Per!!! P.S. Thanks Amir to proving tag line of my blog :(

Startup Session at PixSense

Today's Startup coffee session at PixSense is one of the finest session I ever attend. Lot of great thoughts, experiences and tips discussed in this session by great entrepreneurs. I attend as a silent participant as I had headache (and still having) but the discussion glued me and didn't allow to leave even in break :) They all discussed great things but few were exceptional .... they are: Faisal Qureshi  (CEO, Kolachi Advanced Technologies ): This man is really fantastic ... he did share lot of his experiences and described the realness ... Jawad A. Farid (CEO, Alchemy Technologies ): Excellent guy ... when ever he talked, always on the basis of solid thoughts ... Osama A. Hashmi (CEO, CDF Software ): I am not sure but I believe he is the guy behind this session ... he also contributed very well ... Lastly, no one else except Jehan Ara (President, Pakistan Software Houses Association [P@SHA]) who preside the whole session and did marvelous ... Thumbs up to you all!

IE <javascript> tag problem

Today one of my colleague Muhammad Fareed Uddin sent an email in which he described the problem related to <javascript> tag. I don't want to take credit from him so below is email I received from him: I’ve found a bizarre behavior of html script tag (that is used to include javascript files), which I would like to share with you guys. Sometimes, closing the tag like this <script type="text/javascript" src="User.aspx.js"/> (with “/>”) can cause some rendering problems. By that I mean, some controls may not be properly displayed or not displayed at all. (I recently faced this issue). To remedy the situation, I closed it like this : <script type="text/javascript" src="User.aspx.js"></script>, and it worked! Interestingly, IDE won’t warn you over this. So if you’re caught into some weird rendering problem, may be it is because of the above stated reason. Something I found that it is not bug in IE instead in an ambi

Office 2007: How Bill Gates uses Office!

Do you want to know how Bill Gates uses office? read at Off course, we don't have 3 parallel screens but it does not mean that Office 2007 are not for us :). But I am pretty sure he was working in same style before Office 2007. Oh! does Microsoft uses same version/product which they release for public? I don't think ... else they were lost in crashes :) Anyhow, it is worthwhile to read how Bill Gates uses office.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all! another  year has become history. For me it was year of changes, *learning* and challenges. I graduated last year and dived into professional life. No doubt, it brought lot of happiness for me especially the day I received Gold Medal  (Thanks God!). This year, I made great friends and enhanced my network. Orkut , FaceBook and LinkedIn really helped me to do it. But, I also learned the difference between friend and colleague . This year I presented few presentations too! hmm.. wished to do more but could not (ahh!). And I remember lot of things that I wished to do last year but could not! :( I hope the new year will bring more happiness for all of us (Inshallah). So, Welcome new year 2008!!! P.S. Oh, last year I also got good traffic on my blog, so thanks for visiting my blog :)