Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all! another  year has become history. For me it was year of changes, *learning* and challenges. I graduated last year and dived into professional life. No doubt, it brought lot of happiness for me especially the day I received Gold Medal (Thanks God!).

This year, I made great friends and enhanced my network. Orkut, FaceBook and LinkedIn really helped me to do it. But, I also learned the difference between friend and colleague. This year I presented few presentations too! hmm.. wished to do more but could not (ahh!). And I remember lot of things that I wished to do last year but could not! :(

I hope the new year will bring more happiness for all of us (Inshallah). So, Welcome new year 2008!!!

P.S. Oh, last year I also got good traffic on my blog, so thanks for visiting my blog :)


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