Startup Session at PixSense

Today's Startup coffee session at PixSense is one of the finest session I ever attend. Lot of great thoughts, experiences and tips discussed in this session by great entrepreneurs. I attend as a silent participant as I had headache (and still having) but the discussion glued me and didn't allow to leave even in break :)

They all discussed great things but few were exceptional .... they are:

  • Faisal Qureshi (CEO, Kolachi Advanced Technologies): This man is really fantastic ... he did share lot of his experiences and described the realness ...
  • Jawad A. Farid (CEO, Alchemy Technologies): Excellent guy ... when ever he talked, always on the basis of solid thoughts ...
  • Osama A. Hashmi (CEO, CDF Software): I am not sure but I believe he is the guy behind this session ... he also contributed very well ...

Lastly, no one else except Jehan Ara (President, Pakistan Software Houses Association [P@SHA]) who preside the whole session and did marvelous ...

Thumbs up to you all! and thanks to PixSense for nice coffee :)

P.S. Nice to see two ex-Uitians there! thanks Asif Iqbal and Ahmad for being there.


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