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Election 2008

Before reading about my experience of Election 208, first read few stories from others. Election day in Pakistan by Allegra Stratton Elections 2008 - Rigging Inc. by A.Hamza Ok, so now come to the my experience about Election 2008. Well, I went to polling station to cast my vote.... but ... No Comments :) Technorati Tags: Pakistan , Election 2008

Do your trade in Euro

I think we all already know about the relation between money and gold. In simple words a currency note is equal to some amount of gold. Due to this bindings, banks or government can't print currency notes until they have equivalent gold. But surprisingly, its not true for US Dollars. A long story exist behind this and you can read in Ron Paul's article The End of Dollar Hegemony . We can conclude that soon US currency will become a piece of paper once the OPEC announce Euro as trade currency for oil, as US had created oil  as "artificial" backed for US dollar. The only resistance in Euro as trade currency for oil is present reservoir of OPEC countries, only Saudia having 1.3 Trillion US Dollars. I came to know, all countries of world have started transition from US dollar to Euro and gold. So, if you are going to start any Startup then make Euro as trade currency, or you can select Gold too ;) P.S. Thanks to my teacher Mr. Bilal for sharing such valuable information

Life is Like...

I received this from my lovely friend and would like to share with you all! especially for future entrepreneurs!!! Life is like having a cup of coffee... you site by the window, lift the cup, take a careless sip and find no sugar... too lazy to go for the sugar, you somehow manage with that sugarless cup.. on finishing you discover undissolved sugar crystal at the bottom..Thats how life is? We do not make any efforts to value what is around or within us ... so look around!! May be the sweetness you are looking for is close than you think.

Unique Idea...

I found myself in high school as guy who always eager to do something different. Even I have (bad) habit  to twist routine tasks to make it other than ordinary for me. I taught computer courses when we had 286 and 386 machines (I was 15 years old) and were working on pretty applications like WordStar and Lotus. I said pretty because they never crashed :) Still I remember the days when I learned Lotus by books and then taught to group of students just because of eager to do something different. So on and so on, I went college, went University ... always my friends, colleagues and teacher said me "Qasim! you have to do something different", "Qasim! we are expecting different project from you" etc etc. Picture abhi baki he!!! But, I don't want to reveal more.... then who will buy my book? :D When I look back, I found I always engaged myself to find or do something new ... a unique idea. Since I attend first and second SI sessions in Karachi, a blinking line, li

Have you checked CodePlex??

CodePlex is not a new story ... we all already know about it that it is Microsoft 's open source project hosting site. Developer from around the world can host their project and source codes. Surprisingly, a number of interesting projects are up and can be useful for anyone. If you are thinking to start a new project, or looking for some good third party functionality or for nothing but just take a look of it and I am sure you will find pretty good utilities for your project.   I found following very interesting and/or useful projects: White Board BlogEngine.Net DotNet Zip Library FileUpload AJAX Blogger Backup

Part 2: Freezing Karachi!!!

To read more about Dew Point see WikiPedia and WeatherSavvy

Freezing Karachi!!

BBC weather forecast is reporting freezing temperature in Karachi for midnight of Wednesday and Thursday, unbelievable! Yesterday they reported -3 o C for Wednesday's night but surprisingly today it is -4 o C. So its decreasing more and more :O ... be ready with your warm clothes and even be ready to see snow in Karachi!!! Its Karachi, any thing can happen without any prior notice :D Following are two snapshots of BBC Weather forecast. First one I took yesterday where last one is for today. Technorati Tags: Karachi , Weather , Freezing Temprature , Snow , BBC , Forecast

Say bla bla bla!

At last I am able to see 'comments' link on my blog... it took too much time than expected :(. Anonymous commenting is also enable as I am not worry about who is writing instead WHAT! Little bit other tuning of template also took place... let C! have you noticed? So go ahead and write like bla, bla bla! :)

'I am Legend!', Ali Said

Have you watched the movie "I am Legend" ... if yes then you will really enjoy following pictures sent by my colleague Ali Asjad Waheed from Huntingdon. As he said :- Attached pictures are not from the movie I AM LEGEND but are of HUNTINGDON after 6 pm . If WILL SMITH can become a legend then I AM ALSO A LEGEND. For people who are living in city like Karachi, where (in some areas) you can even buy grocery late night .... where for many people day starts on dusk, such scenes can only be acceptable इन movies :)