International Women's Day

Do you want to know what is 'Khawateen Ka Din"? Karachi Metro blog has very nice post about this topic. You must read it at

Usually, in our country this day belongs to the "Working Lady" or "Corporate Women". Despite of the topic, personally I have met number of working women and every one has single answer of question "Are you doing this job on your wish?", NO.

I am not against the working women but the real picture is a bit different if we remove sunglasses from our eyes. Still there is real need to workout for the solution of REAL problems. I am not talking about lady living in a house of 600 sq ft and driving its own car, having decent designation in an national or international firm. Think about a lady working in a garment factory , use general transport, even she never wear clothes which she has been stitching for years and years.... Have we done something for them? 

Happy International Women's Day!!!


Anonymous said…
Very well said...I'm partly against all these NGOs who claim that they have done a lot about women rights....the reality is a common woman is still suffering :(

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