Study Groups: Do we need?

Some abstracts from 'A Learning Guide to Design Patterns' [].

A study group is a collection of individuals who gather together regularly to improve their understanding of some non-trivial subject, such as a body of great literature, by participating in a focused discussion.

While there is nothing wrong with lectures, they have a tendency to create passive learning experiences for attendees. If one is interested in simply gathering information, a lecture may be a fine place to do it. But if one really wants to understand something (to "get your hands dirty"), there is nothing like a study group

The all written in that page is about Design Patterns Study Group but I believe it is essential lesson which should spread to our respectable teachers and young students. IMHO the concept of such study groups has been dying in our universities, and I blame students for this [as I am also student].

I love to learn new things and at same time love to spread and share those things. Hey friends, can we make a study group?


Anonymous said…
yeah we nees study groups and students will learn a lot by there seniors.

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