Free Platform, limited hosting and computing Services: Google App Engine

Yesterday, Google launched Google App Engine. It allows you to run your web applications on Google's Infrastructure. Yes! by Google's Infrastructure means that you can utilize GFS and BigTable too! Although in preview release user can utilize limited bandwidth and computing resources but later you can purchase more resources. Remember Google App Engine is free and will remains free according to Google App Engine's blog.

My first impression is same as the title of this post. This time Google not only selling the result of their to people but also generating new type of competition for companies. Off course, as a developer I will love to host my services on Google's infrastructure to get benefits by state of art technology developed at Google but not for all my services.

A blog 'Technology Update' described benefits for Google App Engine:
  • No assembly required.
  • It's easy to scale.
  • It's free to get started.
Currently, The Google App Engine implemented by using the Python Programming Language. Although, Google said that they are looking forward to implement more language (will they provide support for C#?

I checked out the Application Gallery, there are few good applications and what I found so lovely is that YOU CAN EMBED YOUR APPLICATIONS IN YOUR SITE TOO. The worst thing I faced that integration of Google's account with application are not working properly (at least for me). I checked out two or three applications and they all redirected to 'Invalid Page' error.


Anonymous said…
Were you able to get an account?

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