Day light saving for Pakistan!!!

Its 1:00 AM not 12:00 AM ..... day light saving implemented for next three months!

But I think world is not ready for this! see the time of this post... Google didn't implemented for my country :'(


Anonymous said…
Won't really solve Pakistan's energy problems. We need more generation plants.
Anonymous said…
I really need to read more on the benefits of daylight comment...whether this is good or no good...
Anonymous said…

In addition to generation plants and perhaps even before them, we need to change the mindset of our people. This may sound stupid but we really need to live up to the phrase "Bijli bachaiye apne liye qaum k liye". It makes my heart cry when I see ppl wasting electricity and then whining abt power outages. When u tell them that if you stop wasting electricity, the situation may get a little better, they say...bhai bill detay hain. I think..."excellent!! u r wasting not just power but ur money as well" :)


Qasim bhai....sue google :P
Qasim Pasta said…
Sister, I second you. We need to create awareness among our people for many things!
Unknown said…
DST is a useful thing indeed, but what is equally important is the education and awareness on how to to use it best. Otherwise, it'd make NO difference at all!

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