Gwadar Port: Fact Sheet

Owais Mughal wrote an excellent post on Gwadar Port at No doubt he made great efforts to collect all these facts and details. I just would like highlight few points from that post.

  • Gwadar port is not only economically important for Pakistan but it also hold important strategic and political aspects.
  • Iran is also having concern with Gwadar port as it can take away businesses from Iranian port. India took it as opportunity and helping Iran to develop its port Chabahar. Ops! Did you hear it in news before?
  • Gwadar port identified in 1964 , Feasibility study started in 1993 ... after 28 years! great! Even at that time we didn't think about to develop this port. Thanks to Chinese Government, In May 2001 they agreed for financial and technical support for this project.
  • On March 22, 2002 laid the foundation of Gwadar Port and inaugurated in March 2005... yes, its not typo... completed in 3 years!

I don't want to go in debate of Democracy or Dictatorship.... but what I know that this project identified too early and all previous governments failed to event initiate this project!


Anonymous said…
The "dictator" has been better for the country than the "democrats".
Anonymous said…
who cares about the country anyway? Is it money making for my personal pockets or not is the question to each new government?

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