Samad Khurram: The student who protest against US attack

A student of private school, Samad Khurram, refused to receive his award from US ambassador as a sign of protest against US attack on Armed Forces inside Pakistan.

You can read complete story at Pakistani Spectator, WeCite, Daily Times, Association Press of Pakistan, or watch video at YouTube

As usual, debates on different forums have been started that whether he did right or wrong! Regardless that, here are my observations:

  • A simple search on Google News Search showed only 3 stories (all three links are pointing to local media) where at the same time same string generated more than 50 results on Google Blog Search! So; international media is no more interested.... why?

click on image to see in large size

click on image to see in large size

  • I don't know any thing about Mr. Samad Khuram, but I believe this is the best way to protest instead long march or strikes...
  • There are people who have objection that then why is he learning in US? They must rethink ... should we stop learning as a sign of protest? Dam!
  • US ambassador responded quickly with following words

"The only way to remove the misunderstanding is to exchange ideas and views."

Why not before initiating any attack?


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