Thanks God and thanks CPLC!

You won't believe! I just received call from CPLC confirming whether still I am receiving call from that bastard or not? He did not only ensured that there will be no more such calls from that number but also gave me number in other case.

My mother was receiving harassment calls from a specific number (see here) , I made a complain to CPLC via their email address and it worked!

Thanks God and thanks CPLC!


Anonymous said…
I'm glad it worked out for you as well.....see it was just a matter of a call and an email/fax :)
Qasim Pasta said…

yup you are right! I just sent an email ... great! now I can say e-gov works! :)

Between, thanks to you too! for sharing your exp on your blog and suggestion :)
Unknown said…
That was unusually efficient of them. Glad it worked out for you man. Now, if only they could find my car
dehog said…
good to know the e-gov really works :D

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