Voice Chat: MSN vs Skype vs Google Talk

One of my cousin is leaving living in UAE with her family and like many other people and we were using MSN as voice chat. Usually in office, we are using  use Skype to communicate with foreign clients. So, I asked her to install Skype and give it a try. Fortunately, she also having Google Talk on her PC so we though to do a test for all these three.

First we gave a try to MSN: not good, voice quality is so bad... even I was not able to hear correctly.

Skype: Voice quality was good ... a bit louder sound, but again, I was not able to hear correctly due to clipping voice.

Google Talk: today's evening winner! Google talk has been giving good voice quality and no discontinuity during voice chat! its like we are talking on phone.

Update: thanks Huma for identifying typo.


Anonymous said…
Google talks gives an excellent service when it comes to voice chat :)
Anonymous said…
and otherwise too :) Google rocks!!
Ali Raza Shaikh said…
Skype works out best for me :)
Tazeen said…
google is boring
skype it is
Anonymous said…
Well I haven't tried either except MSN. Will give these a try.

All I remember about Google Talk is that it used to make my PC crash a long time ago.
Qasim Pasta said…
Welcome and thanks for stopping here!

Google is bore bcz it is too simple!

never happened with me! I believe I have been using Google talk since very first day of its launch!

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