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Never make your feelings like a garden, so that everyone walks on it. Let them be like the sky so that everyone wishes to touch it!

Getting harassed or bothered by phone calls?

Getting harassed or bothered by phone calls? Report to the PTA complaint center! The Government has started the Toll Free Number  080055055  working under PTA, where you can log complaints if u are being bothered or harassed by a particular cell or landline number, action is guaranteed within 48 hours. Disclaimer Notice:  I haven't tried the number myself yet.

Pakistani Bloggers: Where are you all?

If there is rain in Karachi, we start blogging about it. If we found something amazing while driving, we do blog it. Oh, today I am not feeling well, we do blog too! BUT where are we all when US attacks on our country? Do you not think they are testing how much resistance they will face if they open war against US? Awake! Please awake! Adnan suggested an image to place on our blog to protest against US attacks on Pakistan. If you feel that posting an image does not worth anything then read here what Chinese did on critics from international media against Beijing Olympics.

کیا آپ جاننا چاہتے ہیں؟

  کیا آپ جاننا چاہتے ہیں کہ ہمارے ملک میں جو ہو رہا ہے اسکے پیچھے کیا ہے؟ ہمارے وزراء کن چیزوں میں مصروف ہیں؟ مہنگائی کی وجہ کیا ہے؟ اسمبلیوں کی حقیقت کیا ہے؟  اگر آپ کو ان تمام سوالات کے جوابات چاہئے تو آپ بھی میری طرح نسیم حجازی کی کتاب "سفید جزیرہ" کا مطالعہ کریں. اگرچہ انھوں نے یہ کتاب 1958میں لکھی تھی مگر چوں کے ہماتے حالات ویسے کہ ویسے ہی ہیں لہزا آپ کو اِس کتاب کے تمام کردار ذندہ نظرآئیں گے .


From a forwarded email 1st Mail 2 HR Dear HR manager,   1.       Raja, my assistant programmer, can always be found   2.       hard at work in his cubicle. Raja works independently, without   3.       wasting company time talking to colleagues. Raja never   4.       thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and he always   5.       finishes given assignments on time. Often Raja takes extended   6.       measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee   7.       breaks. Raja is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no   8.       vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound   9.       knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Raja can be   10.     classed as a high-caliber employee, the type which cannot be   11.     dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Raja be   12.     promoted to executive management, and a proposal will be   13.     sent away as soon as possible.    Signed - Project Leader 2nd Mail to HR Dear HR manager,  Note: T


It proves! A Picture is worth a thousand words :) Usually, we consider teamwork as just formal duty to cooperate with colleagues! as I said... its duty not teamwork! :) Personally, I don't have any such bad memories regarding teamwork.. but some very nice memories... especially the time when I was chairman of UITCS and we organized UTECH 2006 ... I can proudly say that UTECH 2006 team did what this pic said... Thumbs Up!