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Guest Speaker Session at MAJU

Today I invited at MAJU for a guest speaker session and asked to present something on design patterns. I chose recently released Microsoft ASP.Net MVC framework as topic for this session. Session went excellent, some really nice question popup from students and we had very good discussion on that. Unfortunately, I don't have any picture of lovely audience at the moment. I will try to get one and publish here later. I am planning to make a post on same topic for my blog (just pray I could do!) but my presentation for session is available for download at . Update: Code uploaded at: MVCWebApp.rar

Presentation on REST!

Last Sunday I gave a presentation on REST, an architecture style, at PAF-KIET. The presentation gave introduction of REST and a comparison analysis between REST and SOAP approaches for SOA. My presentation for session is available for download at .

Appeal from Mission Rescue Pakistan

The following email received on alumni group. Dear All We (Mission Rescue Pakistan) are setting up Relief Camp, to help the Earthquake Victims of Baluchistan on Saturday & Sunday opposite to Park Towers. We'll be needing Volunteers to help us out in the Relief Camp. We are not looking for Money, we are looking for commodities, goods like:- 1- Medicine 2- Tents 3- Food & Water 4- Warm Cloths etc... Camp will start working from 1100 Hrs to 2000 Hrs, on saturday & sunday. We really appreciate, if all can spread the word arround, and gather commodities as much as possible. We'll be transporting all the goods to Queetta, inshallah on Monday, and two of our members will be flying to Quetta, to ensure the right distribution of goods. We are looking forward for your help & support. Be National; Act National. Mission Rescue Pakistan Regards, Farrukh Baig, PMP

See'n Report V2.0

See'n Report,a Paksitani web-based startup, entered into v2.0 with following features. Video support:  Upload videos in your reports along with images Editable reports:  Edit the reports that you have submitted earlier. Yourprofile page lists all your reports with a link to edit the report. So if you submitted any reports via email/MMS and want to fix that typo or just want to add that extra description, now is the excellent time Organize images:  You can re-arrange the pictures in your report for better visualization. You can also add description to individual images Search:  Stories can now be searched using keywords Categories:  You can select the categories of your report at the time of upload

Future of Pakistan!

Although, the author  does not have good repo in my memories but worth to share this one. Source:

UIT Alumni Dinner 2008 has been postponed

[I wrote this post on Wednesday, 22 nd October but could not post due to blessing of KESC] Today, I received email from Mr. Waseem stating that UIT Alumni Dinner 2008 has been postponed till further notice. Well, if someone asks my feeling then there is nothing except sadness. Timeline: I got a call from Mr. Waseem and he informed me about UIT Alumni Gathering. I was so pleased and ensure my cooperation. We discussed about Sponsorship but I stated my point of view clearly that it is not possible for an inactive forum (I remember how I was able to get 0.45 million sponsorship from industry for our event UTECH). We got invitation of Alumni Dinner via email. I talked with my seniors, fellows and juniors; everyone was excited. Soon, sadly, we got another email with stating that Rs.1,000/- as Alumni Annual charges and somehow a constraint in order to attend this dinner. i.e. Rs.1,000/- for dinner. Due to this, people become furious and they reacted oppositely A chain of email including v

The Hotel Honda

Bruce Richall is an IT consultant based in the affluent Connecticut suburb of Westport. He describes how the loss of his job at a multinational bank triggered a rapid spiral into poverty. Having depleted his savings and unable to afford rent, he now sleeps in the back of his car. I now sleep in the back of my car, while I wait for a bed to become available at the shelter. I call it The Hotel Honda Read complete story here:

UFONE GPRS mystery

I have been using Ufone for last 5 years… and since my first day with Ufone, I activated GPRS on my connection and use time by time. Recently, I bought a smart phone and configured with Ufone GPRS settings but didn't use so much. Recently, in Eid vacations I become victim of Faulty Cable Net and had lost internet connective at home. Unfortunately, our client in UK faced some serious issues and we are asked to communicate. I had no choice except to utilize my GPRS connection. As I am Memon, so first thing I do with my phone browser setting is turn-off images J (so I can save money). I installed fring so we can communicate with them, use Gmail mobile and no other fancy stuff. Soon, I realized my credit become Zero (0)… ops! Recharged my account and just one more day to reach Zero (0) balance. Damm! I decided to give a check… and following are my findings!   Before Using fring Signing into fring Difference Packet Send (KB) 657 673 16 Packet Received (KB) 1536 1567 31 Balance (amou

Eid Mubarak ... but...

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