Appeal from Mission Rescue Pakistan

The following email received on alumni group.

Dear All

We (Mission Rescue Pakistan) are setting up Relief Camp, to help the Earthquake Victims of Baluchistan on Saturday & Sunday opposite to Park Towers.

We'll be needing Volunteers to help us out in the Relief Camp.

We are not looking for Money, we are looking for commodities, goods like:-
1- Medicine
2- Tents
3- Food & Water
4- Warm Cloths etc...

Camp will start working from 1100 Hrs to 2000 Hrs, on saturday & sunday.

We really appreciate, if all can spread the word arround, and gather commodities as much as possible.

We'll be transporting all the goods to Queetta, inshallah on Monday, and two of our members will be flying to Quetta, to ensure the right distribution of goods.

We are looking forward for your help & support.

Be National; Act National.

Mission Rescue Pakistan

Farrukh Baig, PMP


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