Final Project Ideas

As I posted that we had a very good session at NED regarding Project Ideas. Recently, few students contacted so I thought this is good idea to post here.
  1. Provide a platform /portal in order to set reminder on SMS and/or email. These reminders can be birthday or meeting reminders. This ideas seems simple but the real challenge is implementing algorithm to send multiple sms/emails at a time.

  2. Secure/ self destructive email is not possible by using current email providers. For example, I wish to send a secure email which should not read/open without secret word etc. Or sending email to read only once, or sending email to read before specific date etc. The idea is to provide a platform to send such emails. Kindly note, there is no need to create another web server like gmail or hotmail, but the idea is to utilize openness of other email servers. Like, Gmail provide pop3 or IMAP access.
These days, RSS is becoming more and more popular and sophisticated way to communicate. I have two Ideas in this regards.
  1. Google Reader is one of common Feed aggregator. Some others are FriendFeed etc. But common functionality missing in these all are distributing feed. Like, Google Reader provide sharing post with all but do not provide option to share post with specific people. 
  2. Can we replace email with these RSS? Instead of sending email, post material on central server and allow specific people to read... later when someone wish to reply then he/she will be posting comments or setting up new post.
The last idea is about security:
  1. I hope you know about CAPTCHA (you can see detail at
    This is a way to identify the human being not CORRECT human being. The idea is to utilize/modify this system to identify correct human being. For example, when someone perform an online bank transaction then is there any way to identify that whether this transaction is being performed by correct (i.e. the person who is authorized to do so) human being or not?


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