Life is moving …

I still remember the time when I joined my college and thought that School life was awesome and unforgettable. Later, I had similar feelings about my college life when went to university. So, whenever there is a change in life, we feel delighted about our past (except one instance in life :) ). But there is no doubt, the things learned in past really payoff in future. Once again, I have same feelings on my last day at office as I decided to leave my current job for prospective future.

I never thought such emotional attachment to workplace. I really enjoyed my time there and learned a lot. I will really miss some great friends too. But life is moving…

I feel this change is a step towards my entrepreneurship plan… I am going to join a university as Lecturer for next one year. I believe this can help me in two ways:
  1. help me to complete my master ASAP (research is a full time job)
  2. Provide me seed money to experiment with entrepreneurship stuff.
Although, I consider this as an experiment and might you will see another change in my life soon (hope for best) . So keep visiting my blog :>

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Anonymous said…
Mashallah =)

all the best Sir , m happy that you start you experience with KIET where great student passed out like ME =P
Anonymous said…
you are tagged!

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