Workshop on “Enterprise application development in .Net”

I will be delivering a workshop on "Enterprise application development in .Net" in UIT, on 25th Feb 2009 at 9:30 am. Basically, this workshop arranged for Final Year students of UIT but interested person can participate (drop me an email, if you are not student of UIT but interested to attend this).


  • At the end of the workshop participant must have basic practical knowledge and enough vision to develop optimized and maintainable large enterprise applications on .Net framework.


  • Familiarity with .Net framework, web development and database applications



  • Issues in enterprise development
    • Multiple team
    • Maintenance
    • Data volumes
  • Three Tier Development
    • Separation of Presentation and Logic Layers
    • Power of T-SQL and Stored Procedures
  • Measure Performance
    • For website
    • For database
  • Handling Volumetric Data
    • How to measure performance of stored procedures
    • Cost of joins
    • Break queries by using temporary tables
    • Common Table Expression Support in SQL 2005
  • Power of Enterprise Library [tentative]
    • Data block
    • Logging Block
    • Exception Block
  • Improve Performance for websites [tentative]
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cache
    • Ajax


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