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Short trip to Manora!

Finally, we decided to go Manora as our first trip of series Discover Paksitan... :)  The tour shrank to one day from three days! :)  Well, on Monday 23rd March 2009, I and my brother decided to go somwhere ... where? we had no idea at time of leaving the home. Well, we decided to go Kemari ... our first stop was a "Dhaba"  for breakfast. Then we spend around an hour on Kemari Boat Terminal ! Surprisingly, the camera was not allowed due to   security  issue. However, we utilized our spy skills to take few bad picture :). Then we decided to go and see Manora Beach! Now, we had two options.. either to go via general boats... they charge Rs.20/- per person but they try their best to remind your sleeping faith! ... I am sure secular people can use such service without any fear. We went for second option .. according to commission agent of the boat, only we two (me and my brother) and two families were supposed to go via this boat and for this special arrangement we paid double

Discover Pakistan: Planning for a short trip...

Coming Monday is a holiday, so we will be having a long weekend. I am planning to make a short trip to interior areas of Sindh or Panjab in this long weekend. The plan is simple, leave on Friday evening or Saturday morning and returning back on Sunday night. The idea behing this is to "Let Discover Pakistan" ... have you ever seen historical place of Bhambore in Sindh? Gorakh Hill ? Ranikot , largest fort of the world? Kirthar National Park ? and lot more places... these all are in Sindh! ... Along this, lot of other beautiful places and sceneries are waiting for you... until you decided to discover them...  If you have any good suggestion or wish to join us, then drop an email at mqpasta(at) gmail (dot) com.

Chief Justice Restored - So WHAT?

Chieft Justice, Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has been restored by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in a natinoal TV telecast on March 16, 2009. This restoration is the resultant of two years efforts of lawyers along with other political parties including PML(N), Jamat-e-Islami, Tehre-ke-Insaf and ANP (remember 12 May?). Well, like other millions of people I also have concern that what next? will it resolve all or any issue we are facing? But, I came across this video (few days before somone shared this video on Facebook and I was looking this video because of its sound track). Fortunately, I downloaded this video ... and along with its beautiful sound track ... video gave me the answer..... There is no doubt that success of this movement proved that any public movement can change entire scene... and this is a message for our upcoming generation ..... but we should not look or wait for others to take initiative ... step ahead and take initiative ... or lost your valuable.

Boat Rallies (KMB)

Bus Yadeen... Yadeen reh jati hain ...

I am not too old guy (please read not old guy) but its really nice to listen this song after long time....

Rickshaw School Van (KMB)

I can change the world!!!

I came across this video from Jehan's blog .