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Islam & America

Watch this video : (embeded version is disabled) I don't know whether this video telecasted or not! but we should promote such videos to tell them whats the reality! Do you want to see what they learned from BBC or CNN then watch this video: ch?v=fJuNgBkloFE

Future of Pakistan?



Most of us know Imran Khan as an ex-cricketer and a politician... but he is a great speaker too! Look this video ... he is giving his speech in CIMA Conference 2005 in Srilinka . Ahh... could it possible to listento him (like this) in our universities?

Journey of an amateur photographer

I went my grandmother's home with my camera. We decided to go on roof as these days weather is too hot in Karachi. Today, the moon was complete so I started taking photographs. After few minutes I realized someone on the roof of another home, after few street of my grandmother's home, asking my attention by raising his hand. I responded by signal and he asked that why I am taking snapshots of his home and family. Suddenly I realized the situation and signal towards moon. Well, he realized by giving signal of OK but ask me to come at his home as his wife still feeling uncomfortable. Well, I went to their home and meet that person. He is doctor and practice at home too, so I handed over my v. card in hand of his assistant with words "kaho k camera wala aya he" :) On entering room, he told that he knows me (because we belong to same community) and now there is no issue. In fact, he is living in a paint room (do I need to say about legal status?) and was worried that some

Run multiple Skype!

Do you want to run mutiple Skype client on your machine? Skype 4.0 having builtin support for this. Just go to command prompt and run: "c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary