Most of us know Imran Khan as an ex-cricketer and a politician... but he is a great speaker too! Look this video... he is giving his speech in CIMA Conference 2005 in Srilinka . Ahh... could it possible to listento him (like this) in our universities?


Anonymous said…
I say this with complete conviction and a challenge that MAJORITY of those who criticize IK have no freaking idea about HIS IDEOLOGY.

Its more convenient for them to throw him with MMA and label him TALIBAN fan then to listen his LOOONG speeches or his interviews

IK along with Aitzaz, H. Bezenjo are one of the most intellectual speakers.

The problem with IK is that he is too ahead of time. And thats why he has little chance of getting anything here.

Its not that people dont understand him, Its more that MAJORITY (even his followers) MISUNDERSTOOD him

Anonymous said…
Check this out dude
Qasim Pasta said…
thanks for visiting my blog!

I agree with you! what I believe the people of his party don't realize his vision....

But for a change... someone must be ahead of time..

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