Journey of an amateur photographer

I went my grandmother's home with my camera. We decided to go on roof as these days weather is too hot in Karachi. Today, the moon was complete so I started taking photographs. After few minutes I realized someone on the roof of another home, after few street of my grandmother's home, asking my attention by raising his hand. I responded by signal and he asked that why I am taking snapshots of his home and family. Suddenly I realized the situation and signal towards moon. Well, he realized by giving signal of OK but ask me to come at his home as his wife still feeling uncomfortable. Well, I went to their home and meet that person. He is doctor and practice at home too, so I handed over my v. card in hand of his assistant with words "kaho k camera wala aya he" :) On entering room, he told that he knows me (because we belong to same community) and now there is no issue. In fact, he is living in a paint room (do I need to say about legal status?) and was worried that someone is taking photograph of his home with bad intentions J

So, this was journey of an amateur photographer. 

Night in Karachi


Kamran Umar said…
I was thinking that you were signaled by a girl or any lady but it was something else.
You looks like a very naughty boy dear teacher.

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