Randy Pausch: Time Management

This video is in my queue for long time but unfortunately I could not make it except few days before. I felt myself dumb on delaying it so lately. Randy gave essence of his life in this video. He clearly accepted that why he is more valuable than his other fellows… and yes, not because he is smarter but he managed his time more appropriately.
Personally, like lot of other people, I am also victim of bad time management and a procrastinator too! . I have been fighting myself against this for last one year but still unable to defeat. Somehow, this video gave me new visions and dimensions. Especially, I like the usage of PDA for managing schedule etc. Its not like that its new for me but I was missing something… I think we love latest technologies but we don’t use as we should… don’t we all have good cellphones in our hand? How many of using schedule and reminder facility appropriately?

The most difficult but important thing is using Time Journal… I am still unable to start logging my time usage… do you know any software for this S80 series?


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