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Short 4-Hour Class On Improving Software Development Processes

A short, fast track 4 hours workshop on Improving Software Development Process is going to held on Friday 9th April 2010 by Humayun Quershi. Out of 370 members of PASHA and PSEB, only 14 qualifies CMMI level II but most of them can't afford certification cost. But I think its great chance for us to learn how to improve our processes. Further details on workshop is given below.

Short 4-Hour Class On

Improving Software Development Processes

A fast-track strategy leading to CMMI level 2


  • How can we double our programmer productivity?

  • How can we reduce the sw defects shipped by 5 times?

  • How can we motivate and retain our development teams?

  • How can we cushion the impact of key developers leaving at short notice?

This course should help you to improve your software development processes which will result in greatly reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction; dependency on individuals will decrease and the resulting quality culture will attract and retain high performers. Then CMMI Level 2 will not be far behind.


1. Software Processes – A quick self assessment tool – Where do you stand?

2. The Process Improvement Cycle for CMMI

3. Process Areas for Level 2 – How it all works?

4. 3 Pillars – SW development, Configuration management and Quality management

5. Project planning, monitoring and control – some tools and techniques

6. Quality areas: Measurement & Analysis; Product & Process QA

7. My-Action-Plan for implementing Process Improvement activities


Highly interactive workshops, real life examples will be discussed. Use of sample project documents, forms, checklists, etc. Some hard copy and many softcopy handouts shall be distributed (Bring along your flash drives).

Note: Due to short time and large no. topics the class will start at 5.30 pm sharp

Course Leader: Humayun Qureshi, CISA - IT & Management Consultant

40 year IT career of which 31 years at IBM Pakistan

Major Projects: PIA Reservation & Engg. Systems, CDC, PPL SAP, PSM Oracle

SW Design & Development: Healthcare ERP, Manufacturing ERP

Quality Assurance: Attended one of the first ‘Introduction to CMMI’ classes in Pakistan and was nominated by PSEB for CMMI Lead Appraiser Track.

Achieved CMMI Level 2 Certification for Prislogix in 2008

Date: Friday 9th April 2010 Time: 5.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Venue: ILM Education Network

203 / O, Block 2 First Floor - Off Tarique Road

P.E.C.H.S. Opp Ghousia Masjid Near Jheel Park


Contact: 0300 2468124 - Just send SMS with your name and we will contact you


Company Sponsored attendees: Rs 1000 per person

(20% Discount i.e. Rs 800 per person for 3 or more enrolments)

Self Sponsored attendees: Rs 500 per person

Cost includes handouts, snacks and ILM Network Certificate

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