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Pakistan Flood: Big Picture

I came to this post via AHKath's blog. A sad and partial picture of flood destruction!!! Ahh... we can never feel actual pain but we are with them and we will try our best to restate them in pre-flood position

We need our people!!!

I believe everyone is already aware about recent flood in Pakistan. According to UN, around 14 million people have affected by this flood. According to NDMA, 1384 peoples have died and more than 72 thousands home destroyed. The destruction is more than our imagination. Unfortunately, two of our friends are belong to Kot Addu, city of Muzaffargarh District in the Punjab province, most affected area in Punjab. They told us that almost all houses have been destroyed. Crops on more than 424 acresies have been vanished. They have lost each and everything. They do not only need immediate aid in form of clean water, food, tents and medicine but a long term plan for rehabilitation is also required. There are number of NGOs and people are working for relief of flood affected people. But we all know that most of these efforts are for immediate relief. I and my teacher Mr. Khalid Khan decided to do something for these people, but not only as for immediate relief but a long term relief plan in o