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Kristie Yung & Alamgir - Keh Dena

A lovely song by Canadian singer Kristie Yung with Alamgir... personally I am not die hard fan of Alamgir but this song really amazed me! fantastic poetry, composition and music!  

جاگے ہیں دیر تک، ہمیں کچھ دیر سونے دو [Urdu]

جاگے ہیں دیر تک، ہمیں کچھ دیر سونے دو تھوری سی رات باقی ہے صبح تو ہونے دہ آدھے ادھورے خواب جو پورے نہ ہو سکے اک بار پھر سے نیند میں وہ خواب بونے دو اک خواب ٹوٹ جانے کا احساس ہی تو ہے تھوری سی رات اور سحر پاس ہی تو ہے

Tips on resume writing

Being an inter-mediator between Industry and Academia! yes! people at Academia still believe I represent industry and similarly people from industry contact me to get good resources and consultancy, I have to go through number of resumes of students and circulate them for open positions. But usually I need to send back resumes to student due to low quality of their resumes. Fortunately, today I came across a very good post at Microsoft JobBlog  describing how to write a good resume. Precisely, they mentioned that what kind of resume they are looking from students but it also apply for other organizations as well. I recommend all students (even experienced people as well) to review this document before sending their resumes to anywhere. Top 10 resume tips every student should know URL:

Turning trash into toys for learning

Often one doesn't know what one wants to do, but it's good enough to know what you don't want to do.