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Why people follow?

Someone just shared a very interesting TED video with me. Personally, I am great fan of TED videos and again this video proved a remarkable work done by someone. Usually, we need to wait for long times to hear about such great thoughts but these videos enable us to access such great material by just a click.

Meanwhile, as Karachi is up for Imran Khan's show. I believe this video can be served as why people are following him in such huge numbers. Although, the same can be applied for other leaders as well!

Best of Jawwad Farid

All those who want to be an entrepreneur must read about Jawwad Farid . I don't want to introduce him here (interested people can follow the link). I met him in 2008 and soon left my 9 to 6 job to start some venture... although I am still in progress and my recent meeting with him gave me another boost.

Here I want to share his best with you guys. You can find his best talk here

One more link: (All not from Jawwad Farid but still interesting to read/watch)

Design Patterns: Third One Hour Paper

This is for my students at PAF-KIET

Third one hour paper of course Design Pattern is available at

This paper is group based and groups are listed in my previous post. Submission deadline is 13th December 6:00am. 

Update: Applicable patterns for 3rd one hour are Facade, Bridge, Adapter, Composite, Singleton

Best of luck :)

Update: Hint for Second one hour result:

Groups for DP Projects (and 3rd One Hour)

Following are the group for 3rd One Hour paper and projects. 3rd One hour paper will available shortly. Given score are useless for you people but just an identification that these groups made on the basis of some stats.

Group 1
Shabbir Raho (Group Leader) [Score: 74,-13]
Syed Osama
Bilal Ameer [Score: 55, -32]

Group 2 Sara Rehmatullah (Group Leader) [Score: 36,0] Barkat Ali [Score: 48,-24] Waqas Aftab Ali [Score: 33,-54]
Group 3 Ayesha Mehfooz (Group Leader)  [Score: 30,-6] Farrukh Noor Khan [Score:53,-19] Faizan Ahmed 
Group 4 Ziyad Sanaullah (Group Leader) [Score: 45,-7] Zohaib [Score: 64,-8] Uzair M. Sohaib
Group 5 Talha Abdul Muqsit (Group Leader) [Score: 61,-11] Zubair [Score:56, -16] Yasir
Group 6 Nazim Ali (Group Leader) [Score: 61,-11] Sohail [Score:36,-16] Sharmeen Shahab [Score: 17,-19]
Group 7 Mirza Danish (Group Leader) Adeel Riaz [Updated] Farhan Ahmed M. Owais

3rd One Hour Paper

This post is for my students at PAF-KIET

I had committed to publish paper online by today morning but due to my sickness I am unable to do so. The papers will available by tonight (INSHALLAH)

How Social Network can help to get a job?