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Want to learn about ontology?

I found a very good page having some decent resources regarding ontologies. You can find at If you are not aware about ontologies then you can refer Wikipedia article here

Project Idea: Mining lecture resources

At PAF-KIET we have a shared network resource where each faculty place his/her lectures and other materials and probably each university has such kind of facility. What about text-mining of all such resources and giving a portal to students for searching any specific material over all resources. It might similar like installing Google Search on a machine but combining different DM techniques can help in order to identify the relationship of different courses to each other. For example, a graph showing link between two folders "OOP" and "DS" shows that content in both are relevant to each other ... such graph of all folders may give some interesting facts might a course of folder of CS linked with course folder of Engineering and etc.

Free Books and CDs/DVDs

Following books are available without any cost ( FREE! ) along with lot of CDs/ DVDs on first come basis . You can get books/CD/DVD from my office (PAF-KIET, Main Campus) from tomorrow and onwards Operating systems (William Stalling)  Windows 2000 Professional  Data Structure (Schaum Series) Developer / 2000: Build Reports Developer / 2000: Build Forms Let Us C HTML 3.2 Creating Cool Web Pages Vector Analysis (Schaum Series) Technology Leaders The Entrepreneurial Individual  Please don't call/SMS/Email in this regard. I will be available in my office 

My two cents on "Cheating at Harvard, and in the "Real World"

Today I received an email from Dr. Irfan Hyder   having link of article "Cheating at Harvard, and in the "Real World" Following are two paragraphs excerpted from article: " In other words, focus less on the outcome and more on the process. A student who loves learning for learning's sake — for the challenge, for the fun of it — doesn't want to cheat. A student who has learned to love the process of learning will never be redundant, her labor never commoditized. It's the one skill that will serve us best in an economy that is uncertain, a world that is volatile, and a future that is anything but predictable. I don't know what hard skills I may need in 2030, 2020, or even 2013. But if I have learned to love to learn, I will be sure to acquire them." And closing paragraph of article: Yes, perhaps some of those 125 Harvard students cheated. But I would argue that the far bigger scandal is the way our nation's school system cheats o

Today's word: disgust

Disgust (noun): strong feeling of dislike Disgust (verb): feelings of dislike Ajmal kicks the ground in disgust (a line from commentary of CricInfo )

Today's word: Gutsy

Gutsy, gutsier, gutsiest (adjective) :  Marked by courage or daring; plucky. [ Source ] gutsiest move I ever saw [Dialogue from movie Top Gun ]

Truth behind "Sesame Street Pakistan Loses $20 Million in U.S. Funding "

Recently a controversy triggered between USAID and Rafi Peer Theatre . Lot of things documented and published over the internet having lot of versions. There were no published or documented version from  Rafi Peer Theatre  until Talat did following program with them. As this video is record in Urdu, for my foreign friends, Jawwad Fareed did a great job by summarizing this video in a blog post

Notes from Kough's presentation

Following notes are taken from a presentation "How to do good research, get it published in SIGKDD and get it cited" by Eamonn Kough ·          Must have a problem ·          Write before experiments (similar to literature review?) ·          Make sure you have real datasets (find the dataset available on internet or ask from peers / authors of other papers solving similar problem or generate dataset) ·          Start with simplest idea … convince yourself and then reviewer that this is simples idea ·          Don’t’ have solution? Try solutions from other fields … ·          Make problem simple by taking assumptions, publish early results and then comeback to original problem by removing assumptions one by one ·          Don’t believe everything written in literature is true … don’t trust until you test it ·          Make sure problem really exists ·          Paper must be written in self explanatory form with self explaining figures so reader should no

Imply value

The owner of a small company needed to get rid of an old boiler that his company had replaced with a shiny new one. Not wanting to pay disposal fees, and thinking that someone else could use it, he dragged it out onto the street and put a “Free” sign on it. To his dismay, a week later it was still there. He was about to call a disposal company when his foreman said “I can get rid of it in one day”. The foreman replaced the “Free” sign with one that said “For Sale, $1,500”. That night, the boiler was stolen. Found in presentation "How to do good research, get it published in SIGKDD and get it cited" by Eamonn Kough

Online (English) Writing Lab

Purdue university has a wonderful portal for students and instructors to access quality material related to English Language available at . The available material is in very simple form and aided with exercises as well. As they mentioned on their site: The Purdue University Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) assist clients in their development as writers—no matter what their skill level—with on-campus consultations, online participation, and community engagement. The Purdue Writing Lab serves the Purdue, West Lafayette, campus and coordinates with local literacy initiatives. The Purdue OWL offers global support through online reference materials and services. I must recommend to all students and fellow, specially who has fear of incompetent writing skills like me :)

Project Idea: Windows 7 to-do gadget with sync

I have started using Windows 7 To-do list gadget once again and it is really useful to remind you to-do things immediately after you logged-in. But I lack a very important feature and unable to find any app that can accomplish this. I am curious to have a mobile app for to-do list that can sync with windows 7 widget and so I can set reminder on both side as well.

beware while quoting any Hadith

For simplicity, if Hadith is not quoted from Al-Sihah al-Sittah (six major hadith collections ) then I will not prefer to share or trust until discussed with scholar in person. Please beware while sharing any hadith; having reference does not really mean authentic as much you assume. Originally posted on Facebook

Yaar Ko Hamne Ja Baja Dekha (+ lyrics)

This is an excellent and heart touching song. I love the lyrics and voice of Abida Parveen made it unforgettable. I came to know this beautiful song by Ayesha Rafiq Yar ko hum Ne ja Baja Dekha by dm_521754e5df198 You can lyrics at  but for convenience I am pasting lyrics here as well: Manum Maanay Azmandi K Be Tonay Yaazdaanran Ghum-e-choon To Naaz Ni Ni Ghum-e-choon To Naaz Ni Ni Behizaar Naaz-daran Kohe-e- Afataab-e-chashman Wa Jamaal Toos To Roshan Ager Astobazgeeram Bad Bay Chashm-e-raazgaaran Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha Kahin Zahir Kahin Chupa Dekha Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha Kahin Momkin Hoa Kahin Wajib Kahin Momkin Hoa Kahin Wajib Kahin Fani Kahin Baqa Dekha Kahin Fani Kahin Baqa Dekha Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha Kahin Zahir Kahin Chupa Dekha Yaar Ko Humne Ja-ba-ja Dekha Kahin Wo Baadshaah-e-takht Nasheen Kahin Wo Baadshaah-e-takht Nasheen Kahin Kaasa Liye Ghada Dekha Kahin K

Worst to identify how good one

In real life the definition of best is relative depending upon the maxima and minima defined for that problem. Like extreme points for pop musics could be different than art. But usually we compare with best in order to identify how good one thing like an art work may compare with work of Picasso to identify how good it is. I believe this is pessimistic approach as we always looking at only one extreme that is maxima. Why not we identify minima as well so we can say how not bad something .... and I believe this is optimistic approach. I believe this could change our entire ranking systems. Why one should be termed as first or last. Why not we consider how not BAD instead of how good it is ... a thought for food

Time to gear up for tour!

Two years back, everyone was packing up their bags for Pakistan tour... they were planning to visit usual places. In those days I was reading travelogue book "Nanga Parbat" by Mustansar Hussain Tarar. I suggested to go Fairy Meadow, a plateau with breath taking view of Nanga Parbat. This mountain also known as The Killer Mountain. A group of people went there, enjoyed the majesty of The Killer Mountain but I missed, even missed last year trip as well. But this time, I am ready ... passionate and enthusiastic. Right now I have map of tour to share with you guys! Although this plan is tentative but I believe my few hours efforts can save hours in terms of optimal tour :)  Lets share your suggestion and comments.

Project Idea: Idea Board

We come across different exciting ideas on daily basis but we can't go for each due to any reason. I have visited some of the website where people can submit their ideas but due to lack of integration with social network sites like Facebook, the validness and popularity of any idea can't be materialized. So my idea is that there must a be an idea portal integrated with Facebook so users can like and share interesting ideas. The popularity of an idea can be quantify by number of likes and shares by other users. As this could be requirement of all organization then why not we have a library / framework like Stackoverflow.

Scrum Master in Under 10 Minutes

An excellent video on scrum understanding. I came across this while writing document regarding adoption of scrum for student projects.

Project Idea: Lyrics for music

A player to show lyrics on screen (not on player) while playing music. Alongside, why don't we have multimedia files with embedded lyrics ! Might such player exists but I just want to float an idea ...