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Project Idea: Mining lecture resources

At PAF-KIET we have a shared network resource where each faculty place his/her lectures and other materials and probably each university has such kind of facility. What about text-mining of all such resources and giving a portal to students for searching any specific material over all resources. It might similar like installing Google Search on a machine but combining different DM techniques can help in order to identify the relationship of different courses to each other. For example, a graph showing link between two folders "OOP" and "DS" shows that content in both are relevant to each other ... such graph of all folders may give some interesting facts might a course of folder of CS linked with course folder of Engineering and etc.

Free Books and CDs/DVDs

Following books are available without any cost ( FREE! ) along with lot of CDs/ DVDs on first come basis . You can get books/CD/DVD from my office (PAF-KIET, Main Campus) from tomorrow and onwards Operating systems (William Stalling)  Windows 2000 Professional  Data Structure (Schaum Series) Developer / 2000: Build Reports Developer / 2000: Build Forms Let Us C HTML 3.2 Creating Cool Web Pages Vector Analysis (Schaum Series) Technology Leaders The Entrepreneurial Individual  Please don't call/SMS/Email in this regard. I will be available in my office 

My two cents on "Cheating at Harvard, and in the "Real World"

Today I received an email from Dr. Irfan Hyder   having link of article "Cheating at Harvard, and in the "Real World" Following are two paragraphs excerpted from article: " In other words, focus less on the outcome and more on the process. A student who loves learning for learning's sake — for the challenge, for the fun of it — doesn't want to cheat. A student who has learned to love the process of learning will never be redundant, her labor never commoditized. It's the one skill that will serve us best in an economy that is uncertain, a world that is volatile, and a future that is anything but predictable. I don't know what hard skills I may need in 2030, 2020, or even 2013. But if I have learned to love to learn, I will be sure to acquire them." And closing paragraph of article: Yes, perhaps some of those 125 Harvard students cheated. But I would argue that the far bigger scandal is the way our nation's school system cheats o