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When change can happen in institutions?

Dr. Irfan Hyder mentioned in comments of his recent post on his blog post "Why Project Based Learning? An Experiential Learning Case Study of Language Teaching" about change management in institutions. I believe this one paragraph is enough to understand how you can make changes at higher level. The full blog post is worthy to read and recommended for everyone; specially those in academia. You are right no institutional change can happen unless you have a critical mass of "change agents" (technical term). As I mentioned elsewhere, these "change agents" can be found in your subordinates, peers and even superiors. These are the people who are willing to change because they can see that the change will bring for them professional prominence in this job or even in market elsewhere. These are the people to be first identified, stimulated, convinced, and encouraged. Then each of them would start posting "small-wins" (technical term) wherever th

Update: Personal Website

Hello everyone! Finally, I am able to update my personal website. The earlier version was too old and was loaded with some heavy graphics. This time I stick with minimal and responsive design. The site developed using GetSimpleCMS - a file based content management system. The reason to use file based system is simplicity - CMS like Joomla and Wordpress indulge unwanted complexity which result long learning curve even for simpler tasks. I had to spend sometime to select right theme and then there is need to play bit with templates and style-sheet.  Visit my page at - any feedback is welcome.