Coming soon, but papers!!!

The exams will start from Monday, so these days just preparation of exams. It is very difficult to concentrate on study when involving different activates. Even, during the perpetration I have involving in designing and planning of different activities immediately after examination.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the academic calendars of different universities are different. This cause difficulties in organizing any open activity. Yesterday (Friday) got call from MS regarding arrange VS2005 and SQL2005 launch in UIT. Well, almost finalized bet another extra work during the exams.

Between preparations, I designed some technical stuff to post on my blog, hope will post after exams.


Anonymous said…
Aoa. Yaar mubarak ho student amb ban gayay. aur sunao kaisi guzar rahi hai. Its good to see kay tum nay blogging start kardi hai. Yaar uit kay exams ka to sab ko pata hai kaisay guzartay hain :)


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