End of Exam

Finally the exam has finished. The time for party …. But … my sadness I am chairman of Computer Society. Well, the sense of responsibility takes away you from normal routine of life. A number of things are in pipe line, planning for lot, but also fact in action very few at least still.

How was paper? I never think about it, just tried to prepare as best I could, went and did my best. I am confidence I did my best and Inshallah will get better result. This time after 2 semester again I did preparation alone. I love it but this time feeling difficulty as I was mentally not prepare for it.

Now, till end of January there is inter-semester break. I am planning to grip C# with web services. Let see, how lucks matter this time :)


Anonymous said…
Asslamo Aliukum

yar Qasim sorry to say but please stop showing off urself i am your friend but it will not help in future, just write informative things not the things related to urself, and you were not alone the part of UIT wining team at Rawalpindi there were two persons also try to thanks them also.

Allah Hafiz

Your Friend

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