For web masters!!!

Here I am first time on my blog with some technical stuff.

A web master, who creates one site or multiple sites, working as freelancer or for an organization, he/she always wishes that his/her site get attraction. Even some time organizations wish that their site hold some honors. I found some of the ways.

Today come across to different web site related to web master. In fact regard to web master reorganization. One is It allows web master to enlist them there but require a page where they can post there link. It looks like a link exchange, but this time you will be exchange with some reward. Good thing is that Pakistan Web Designer category exists there.

Another is site of International Webmaster Association ( But here membership is paid and they also formed the chapter. The only tangible benefit is that you can use their logo on your visiting and letter heads but for this paying 49$ (around Rs.2940/-) is not considerable.

The last one, I think for Pakistani developers it is the way point. Just add your site, add their code and they will tract the hits on your site. It is look like good and fair. If you are confidence with your site then you can give a honor to your site with first ranking by

Waiting for your comments
Chairs and warm greetings!!!


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