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during random blogging, I saw this advertise ...   you can see ... Mental Level of stake holders of our Education System ....

Tech-Ed Developers 2006 Poster Conference DVD

Today I received ' Tech-Ed Developer 2006' Post Conference DVD which held on 7-10th November 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. I had selected to attend this Conference but could not (to see reason click here ) I got two DVDs, one for Tech-Ed Developers and second one for Tech-Ed IT Forum. Still, I just checked Developers' DVD, and its containing data of more than 6 GB ... yah I am sure... I checked twice :) ... 204 Presentations, 86 Hands On Lab Manual, 18 Virtual Slides Videos, All Demo Codes and 188 Videos of Break out sessions.. amazing I just checked out one, 'DEV001 DEMO: Adopting ClickOnce for Real World Applications'. It is an one hour video and in first 30 minutes I found ... it is very useful and exploring very good features of VS.Net, even I could not find in number of books. These days I am quite busy in my FYP, but soon I will write about ClickOnce... that I learned from this video ...

03A- BS : My Batch!!!

                                [1st Row, left to right] Junaid, Khurram, Naveed, Imran, Shahzad, Me, Baqar, Nasir, Qasim Khalil [2nd Row, left to right] Asif, Atif, Roohul, Zeeshan, Nooman, Abdullahi and Zakaria (Both are from Somalia) [Last row and only] Waqas My batch mates with whom I spend my four years at Usman Institute of Technology ... oho .. yup we are missing girls but only in this pic :D .. The missing people are Sobia, Shaista, Aliya, Mehar, Najma .. where CR of class Osama is also missing .... :) I know you are intelligent  ..

Templates and Generics

Few days before I downloaded "Introduction to Generics - Part 1" video from LearnVisualStudio.NET . But it gave me impression that Generic is same as template as in C++. But after googling I found No, there are some differences. Well, as far simple implementation concerns ... I can say similarity ... but if you go bit deeper ... there are much differences. However, there is no doubt that Generics are improved form of templates. Generics and templates have a minor overlap in functionality. They both make it possible to create parameterized types which make it possible to create type safe collections Generics Templates Constraint mechanism Subtype constraints Lazy structural constraints Allows explicit specialization No Yes Allows partial specialization No Yes Type identity of specialization Globally unique Unique to each assembly Cross language facility

Architect Video!!

This is a very good video telling why do we need architects. Check it out here Architect Video Technorati tags: Technology

In the line of fire

Exams are going on .... two went .. two left ... Few days before I receive pdf version of our president's book In The Line of Fire - by Pervez Muhsaraf. It some how took my focus and I started reading immediately. A book of 356 pages can't read in a single sit.So, I put it on my desktop and read as I get time. During reading this book, number of times I thought to comments but could not bcz Gher ki Bat Gher main rahe to acha he !!!. Today, I was reading its chapter 18, on page 177 (179 of my pdf), I found "With all this facing Pakistan, with so many pulls in different directions, there was a dire need for unity of command in governance. By this I imply a single authority over the three important organs of government—the bureaucracy, the political system, and the military.'Whether anyone liked it or not, circumstances had vested this command in me. In the changed environment, I thought that removing my uniform would dilute my authority and command at a time when bot

White Day!!!

Yesterday we all(probably) classmates celebrates White Day, all wearing white shirts with markers in hand where our juniors and friends wrote their comments on our shirt. Some people might think it as useless, but believe me when I reached home and saw comments on my shirt I decided to save it till my life. There was not all compliments, but whatever...I liked that. Unfortunately I don't have any digital camera to snap and then show here.... but few of them are: Jali Mula Sudar Jao  keep smile... Bi Gulabo(Nida) Badmaza Pasta.....  Shah G(Shahid)... I love you Qasim BAHI.....  Kaki(Sadaf)!!! We will miss u .. UITCS... written by Haseeb UIT se jane ki zarorat nahi ...  Monis one of the most inspiring guys of UIT ...  Sobia gr8 leadership ..  Faizan Saeed C++, C ka cheeta .... Moazzam Future talent of TA .... Moid Egyptian Mummy .... Zeeshan One of thinnest fellow ... Danish UIT affairs consular ... Uncle (Qasim Khalil) Live Happy Long and healthy life Ameen... Aliya The icon of fr

A trick with Orkut!!!

Orkut some how not only a social network ... but it also play some part in people life ... like announcement of classes take place there, you can find invitation for upcoming party there... and much more like these. But since few weeks... every one is complaining that Communities are not opening ... there is always ' Bad, bad server. No donut for you. ' error page. Today my friend told me a trick to by pass .. yes by pass this error... why I used word by pass... bcz ... communities are opening .. but it is Orkut team who are not allowing ... and now we are bypassing them ...simple... The trick is that just replaced Community word with 'CommTopics' in URL ... it will show Community Topics page instead of Community Profile page... for example, bellow is the URL of community of our campus.... I just replaced Community with 'CommTopics' and it worked... So, enjoy it

Test Post From Windows Live Writer (Beta)

This is a test post form Windows Live Writer(Beta). (I created this post on last night but first rain of season cause the power down. So, I am publishing it on morning) I just downloaded it and testing ... while .. still have to read few research papers and have to submit a report on them tomorrow morning.... but .... I am already using 'Blogger for Word', a plug-in for Microsoft Word, allows to write post from Microsoft Word. That handles my English spelling mistakes .... not more than else ... But With a cup of Coffee!!! this one looking pretty good except ... it does not check grammar :) ... Oh!!! its having an option for plug-in .... hmm ... no time to find plug-in for grammar checking but it can be a good idea to write a plug-in for this purpose .... if still no one did :) ... View your post at blog before posting... Wow .. its really good ... I was not expecting .... Thumbs Up!!! Integrated Microsoft Map ... using Microsoft Virtual Earth ... good thing but for US resi

Finding Ratio of Background Color in an image

Bitmap class: it is a very useful and rich class for handling basic functionality of an image like reading pixel and its attributes, get height and width of image, create icon from image and etc. Load an image: To load an image into memory to we can use constructor of this class, like C#:       Bitmap b = new Bitmap(@”c:\water.jpg”); This will load an image into ‘b’, a Bitmap instance, where image placed at root directory of C drive with name ‘water.jpg’. To find the ratio of a predefine background color does not require any complex algorithm. It can simply achieve by counting pixel with background color and then divide by total number of pixel. To read the color of a pixel we use GetPixel() method. It returns the different properties of pixel at x,y (where x and y are coordinates of image). C#:            Color c = GetPixel(i,j) Here Color is a structure represents ARGB color. Here RGB is for Red, Green and Blue … where A is not color but Alpha property…. that represents transparency

Behind the scenes for Vista!!!

Microsoft is near to launch Windows Vista. I got this from a friend and found interesting link to see the efforts and people behind making this launch successful. Especially I impressed by Paul having nine machines in his room to ensure catch the problems before a customer. Well, you can further images at Microsoft Test Manager Paul Donnelly looks at one of the many machines he has running Vista. As the release of Vista has drawn closer, Donnelly has added more test machines to his office. Last week, that number totaled nine. By having many different setups, some with rarely used configurations, Donnelly hopes he will encounter problems before a customer does. Credit: Ina Fried/CNET Mike Kirby stands by some of the machines Microsoft uses to test each day's build of Vista for compatibility. The company has written roughly 750,000 lines of code that are used to test anywhere from 800 to 1,200 programs a da

Movie Day!!!

After reading title, people who knows me they will thought ‘Another event’… but this time… it is different…. A day celebrated by myself by watching 4 movies in day .. wow … how does it sounds ;) … but later it cost me lot …:S It started from movie ‘Born to Fight’ – a good action movie with Thai Martial art, then ‘The Core’ – a wonderful science fiction movie but like most fiction movies it also ended with some unanswered questions. Then it was time for some Urdu movies. First was Umra -o-Jan – name really attracted me and found as per name, a good but slow movie. And last one was Don – I did not see previous Don, but this one found just OK!!! Man, it also technical. How? Behind I was installing some technical stuffs :)

The first thing I downloaded from CLT website ... that is Hammad Rajob’s presentation on topic ’10 tips for preparing a presentation’ . It is a taped version of live session and I found very helpful. In that presentation I found . It is a personal web site of Garr Reynolds who is teaching Multimedia Presentation Design (and other courses) at Kansai Gaidai University. He gave very informative and exciting tips of presentation including tutorial and samples. It is useful for students and professionals too!!! Either you have to present to your teachers, management or customer, I recommend you to check it out and change your presentation into an effective presentation.

New features of Gmail!!!

During the checking of routine emails, once again Gmail opened with link ‘New Features’. Since the launch of Gmail, the Gmail team has been providing cool features and it found these features are very very useful for all. This time Gmail provide some new features regarding conversation (reply button, forward all etc) and a bit old update of Gmail Mobile also listed there. You can check it here .

Member of CLT!!!

Few days before, I got an email from Microsoft and I would like to quote here, “As a member of the Microsoft Student Partners you are now also a member of the Microsoft Community Launch Team” Great!!! It looks cool. Now, but people would like to know what is Community Launch Team. So answer is here: “The Community Launch Team is comprised of the Culminis, INETA and Microsoft Student Partners user groups. This puts you alongside two of the largest worldwide Professional Developer and IT Professional organizations. As a member of the Community Launch team you will receive privileged online training on the latest products Vista, Office 12, and .NET Framework 3.0 from Microsoft prior to their release” The idea is great; they developed a site for Community Launch Team where we can attend online training and can also download tapped versions (that I do as online trainings are always in critical time of my schedules). But still, I did not find much helpful material except Hammad Rajob’s


I decided to give highlights of my absence to the reader. So here it goes!! CyberNet Utech 2006: UITCS ACM Student chapter organized CyberNet UTECH 2006 on 26th and 27th August and fortunately I was the chairman. It went excellent and got good on event media coverage. We got success to get the presence of provisional IT minister, Noman Saigal, in opening ceremony. The plus point of this event was two brand new competitions along with traditional competitions and that was Solution.Net and ModulationMax. First one was for .Net geeks to test their skills and grips on .Net 2.0 platform. Where second one for 3DMax’s guys to test their creativity, imagination and grip on tool. The huge team of Utech (around 125 students) worked excellent and made it event successful. You can take a virtual tour here . Leave from chairmanship: I took leave from chairmanship of ACM Student chapter. The reasons behind this are recover my studies, final year project and prepare team of office bearers for next y

better luck for next time!!!!

Do you know what luck is? I came to know … but with very unfortunate. In last whole week many times I signoff and sign-in into my life … due to luck!!! Ahh… the story started when I got an email from Vaqar Khamisani (ISV Manager, Microsoft Pakistan) that I selected among other three MSPs to attend TechEd Europe 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. Other three MSPs have flied to Barcelona but I could not get visa. I applied for visa, got return, resubmitted and again got return. I don’t know why but people at TCS concluded that because I have beard face. WHAT? WHY? No comments!!! What can I say now? Feeling sad on missing such great occasion but “better luck for next time!!!!”

Shifting Experience!!

Hey I am not going to share my home shifting experience, I am talking about unsuccessful tries of shifting my blog from blogspot to wordpress . Well, when I saw the import link at wordpress, I was amazed and thought it work great. Really, that worked great but lost all titles of my post and could not import images…. Ahh… 50% material of blog (. Skipping titles and images was not big deal, but they put random integers (I think ‘auto number’ field) and it is not easy to change titles of 100s entries. Another point, I did not find any plug-in of Microsoft Word that allows me to publish on my blog at wordpress but it is for Blogspot. So my vote goes for Blogspot!!! But with thanks to

Back Post!!!!

Back Post!!! At last back to blogger… after unsuccessful tries for blog shifting. Blogspot blocked in Pakistan … then one day I found it unblocked and later I found it blocked again…. Why? Regardless of freedom of speech, it really effects on blogger community of Pakistan, including me. However, provides an alternative solution …. But at that time their was hope for unblocking of blogspot. Latter, got dam busy in different activities specially regarding chairmanship of Computer Society of our campus that is now chartered ACM (USA) chapter. Well, back here. Have changed theme of blog and will try my best to update it on regular basis.
Here .. after a long time.. and for a short time :) Found a good link for free books... so thought to share with you all!!! peace!!!
(Left to Right) Haseeb Chishti, Abdul Moid, Zeeshan Khan, Me, Mr. Behroz Mashriqi, Mr. Parkash Lohana, Syed Shahid Mahmood, Sarim Alvi, Syed Moazzam Ali, Azfer, Fawad (Sheikho) 
Standing: (Left to Right: Me, Mr. Parkash Lohana (HOD Computer Science), Mr. Behroz Mashriqi (Coordinator of Quiz Competition), Moazzam (front) and Shahid (back).  
More participants for Quiz Competition  
A view of Quiz Competition Phase I session ...  
Me, during Programming Competition ... on server to take care about queries from participants...  
Asad and Aftab, Tow more participants of Programming Competition  
Two participant of Programming Competition ..  
Inter UIT Competition Series So at last I am here with pending posts…. Few weeks before we had organized Inter UIT Competition Series in which students of UIT come across face each other in different competition including Dynamic Programming Competition, Quiz Competition, Web Designing Competition and Gaming Competition. The prize distribution ceremony of these competitions still could not arranged due to illness of our respectable chairman, but hope, will accomplished soon. So, I am not in position to say about winners J Dynamic Programming Competition: After a long break, at last we again began Dynamic Programming Competition in UIT. This time we found less of interest from students, but hope so it will take boost in near future. Quiz Competition: We have successfully completed first Phase of Quiz Competition. Around 60 students participated in this competition. In first phase each students have given 40 questions to answer in 15 minutes. Top 12 students from the
At last, I got the chance to update my blog. Last few weeks become busier than I thought. Well, still some things are pending for this blog, i.e. Events reports of Inter UIT Competition Series and etc. Officially Chartered ACM Chapter Congratulation to all UITians. At last we have got success and officially chartered by ACM as Student Chapter. I am very sure that such international reorganization will not only boost our moral but will also provide an international exposure to our students and activities.
Usman Institute of Technology (, Hamdard University , was established in 1994 through a benefaction of Usman Memorial Foundation as a private, non-for-profit centre of excellence in technology. Its aim is to prepare engineers, technologists and scientists who have the character and skill that the country needs and who would be readily employable on graduation to serve Pakistan . On 27 th February 2006 Usman Institute of Technology Computer Society (UITCS) and INETA successfully organised “Launch Event of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005” at UIT Auditorium. The event started at 15:30 with recitation of Holy Quran by Faraz Iqbal. The anchor person Sobia Siddiqui gave a brief introduction of UIT Computer Soceity and the speakers. The opening address was delivered by Dr. Prof Muhammad Saleem Khan (Director UIT). Students, faculties and professionals from various institutions participated in the event and the auditorium was full to its capacity. INETA Launc


Pakistan Govt. has banned blogspot. I don't know whether it is right step or not... but it really effected number of people. Firstly, if Pakistan Govt really want to do some thing then must banned European (specially Denmark and Norway) products. But, by stopping all pages of blogspot, I dont what will they get? They should stop to view only specific pages of blogspot.

Rescheduled Launch Event!!!

Rescheduled Launch Event Dear Sir/Madam We have rescheduled “Launch Event of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005” on Monday, 27th Feb 2006; that had scheduled on 17th Feb 2006 and postponed due to strike and closing of education. Once again, Usman Institute of Technology (Hamdard University) Computer Society (UITCS) and INETA cordially invite you to “Launch Event of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005” on Monday 27th February 2006 (previously scheduled on 17th Feb 2006). In order to support your passion of knowledge evangelism, INETA Launch Team Members Nasim Siddiqui, and Naveed Bajwa will be delivering a presentation on “Visual Studio.Net 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006” that will give you an opportunity to understand how best to prepare yourself to leverage Microsoft’s latest and upcoming technologies, tools and platforms. We will also be distributing goodies including original DVDs of VS 2005/SQL 2005/MSDN, PDC Bags, VS 2005 Launch Kits, and other stuff * . Students and Profession

IE7 Online Tour!!!

Before, just leaving from my computer table I got Technet Flash in my inbox. I found a link of IE7 online tour, giving you a view of IE7. I didn’t download the IE7 as I am Happy with IE6 and Mozila on my computer. But the features of IE7 exhibited by tour are:- new interface Well, new interface looked nice in showed images. Personally, I like light browser with low graphics bcz I want to save my memory and space for my work instead for buttons. But this time it looks preety. tabbed browsing At last, Microsoft realized the important of tabbed browsing. It never can be easy to manage 12 windows of IE, when you are searching on a topic. Tabbed browsing has been providing by other browsers but Quick Tabbed option seems excellent, good job guys!!! Search Well, like other browsing, now MS also providing search by multiple search engine. RSS feeds This can be primary reason if I will install IE7. These days a number of site supporting RSS, and it is excellent that by just one button I can s

Launch Event has postponed

Dear Sir/Madam, Unfortunately, due to strike and closing of education institution (around KU) on Thursday and Friday, we would not be able to arrange Launch Event that scheduled on Friday, 17th Feb 2006. The new date of event will announce soon. We are extremely sorry for this misfortune. Looking forward for cooperation, ....................................... Muhammad Qasim Pastan Chairman UIT Computer Society Microsoft Student Ambassador Cell: +92 333 3158277

Invitation for All!!!

In the pursuit of staying up-to-date with technological advancements in the field of Computer Science Usman Institute of Technology (Hamdard University) Computer Society (UITCS) and INETA cordially invites you to “Launch Event of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2005” on Friday 17th February 2006. In order to support your passion of knowledge evangelism, INETA Launch Team Members Mr. Hammad Rajjoub, Nasim Siddiqui, and Naveed Bajwa will be delivering a presentation on “Visual Studio.Net 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006” that will give you an opportunity to understand how best to prepare yourself to leverage Microsoft’s latest and upcoming technologies, tools and platforms. We will also be distributing goodies including original DVDs of VS 2005/SQL 2005/MSDN, PDC Bags, VS 2005 Launch Kits, and other stuff * . Students and Professional are requested to register at . Venue : Auditorium, Usman Institute of Technology Timing : 3:00pm to 5:00pm *: Conditions apply

Beta 2 of Windows Vista due in April

Microsoft will release the next beta of Windows Vista in April, according to a popular blog that follows the company. In a blog posting on Tuesday, Stephen Bink, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who writes from Amsterdam, said Microsoft will release another test version of Windows Vista, called a Community Technology Preview (CTP), on 21 February, with Beta 2 of the OS set for release in April. Through a statement sent via email, Microsoft said that it will release the next CTP of Windows Vista in February, but it did not confirm the exact date in February nor confirm the date of the second beta release. Microsoft originally planned to release Beta 2 of Windows Vista before the end of 2005, but Microsoft Corporate Vice President Amitabh Srivastava announced in November that it was pushing that test release back to early 2006. At the same time, Srivastava said Microsoft would release interim builds of the next major update to the Windows OS on a more regular basis. However, Micros

A Today’s email

Assalamulaikum Muhammad Qasim,good blogging! I came across some of your engineering blogs, but i cantsay i understand them because I am not an engineer. Anyway, I am sureyou've heard about the recent controversy surrounding the defamation bya Danish newspaper of our beloved prophet Muhammad (may God's peace andblessings be upon him). Please forward the below info regarding aboycott of Danish goods to everyone you know and encourage them to takepart.Also, if theres any other way you can help, contact me at this email.jazak'Allah,Omar AzeezLahore--please forward via email to friends, family and colleagues--<<CALL FOR A BOYCOTT OF DANISH GOODS>>In response to dafamatory caricatures of the noble prophet Muhammad(pbuh), all persons of faith in God and His Messenger are called upon toobserve a complete boycott of Danish goods and services available inPakistan.Please check the "Made in" label of your products and avoid purchasingsuch products as Arla foods (P
Here I am with some pics of ‘Poster Session 2006’ and Graduate Dinner. 'Poster Session 2006' Team, still some people are missing. Down, From Left Shahid (Joint Secretary), Me (Chairman), Arsalan, Azfar, Imran, Moid, Faraz, Mustafa, Haeeb, Mozzam, Faraz, Ahmed, Shehryar, Arslan, Umeb, Haris, Ahmed Vaqar Khamisani (ISV Manager Microsoft Pakistan) evaluating a project in 'Poster Session 2006' Madam Jehan Ara, President Pakistan Software House Association, evaluating a project. Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Memon, Chairman Pakistan Computer Society, during 'Poster Session 2006' Chairman, Director, HOD Computer Science and other guests at DreamWorld for Graduate Dinner. I am with passing out graduates Members of UITCS

About farewell DVD!!!

First of all, I must say thanks and Sorry to Saad. Thanks for visiting and commenting my blog; and sorry for my late reply. Well, as UIT library can issue the DVD to any one on Library or UIT card. So, only current studying uitians can get this facility. I think, one thing we can do is that I issue one on my card for some one and he/she can get from me for a period of time. Let see my luck, is there any she who need DVD? ;)


Assalam’aalikum to all. Once again, come back after a short break. The last week was enough busy in preparation of ‘Poster Session 2006”. Alhamdulillah, yesterday it went well with Graduate Dinner at ‘Dreamworld Resort’. I will come soon with pics and other detail of it.

Poster Session 2006

We (UIT Computer Society) are going to arrange a poster session for our graduating batch with Graduate Dinner at dream world. In this poster session, our passing out students will show their projects to industry people and others, for evaluate it and get interact with people about their project. I believe it will be a great chance for graduating students to impress the industry with their potential and R&D skills. It will be also an effort making interaction between academia and industry. Probably around 200 guests are expecting to visit from academia and industry. The guests will also be presenting with our ‘Graduate Directory’, containing profile of our passing out graduates. You all reader are invited to join us in this poster session (your card is bellow :>)
Poster Session 2006 
Invitation Card of Poster Session 2006  

Winners are here!!!

UIT has won trophy of Nastec 2005 Quiz Competition. I am also member of that wining quiz team. Today was my first day of UIT after come back from that trip and received unbelievable appreciation and encouragement. Each and every person congratulated me for this success. A lot of hand shakes, and surprisingly Mr. Zubeer (Dy. Director of Academics) embraced me. It was greet experience, no doubt it.

Back to Home!!!

Alhamdulillah, I have come back home from a wonderful and full of adventure trip of Rawalpindi and Muree. A lot of things to write about that but this time too tired. Soon, I will be here with pics and detail of that exciting trip. Mean while, the poster session and Launch events are in pipe line. I had planned to write about Launch Event but I can’t because of tiredness.