Poster Session 2006

We (UIT Computer Society) are going to arrange a poster session for our graduating batch with Graduate Dinner at dream world.

In this poster session, our passing out students will show their projects to industry people and others, for evaluate it and get interact with people about their project. I believe it will be a great chance for graduating students to impress the industry with their potential and R&D skills.

It will be also an effort making interaction between academia and industry. Probably around 200 guests are expecting to visit from academia and industry.

The guests will also be presenting with our ‘Graduate Directory’, containing profile of our passing out graduates.

You all reader are invited to join us in this poster session (your card is bellow :>)


Anonymous said…
Asslamo Aliukum

yar Qasim sorry to say but please stop showing off urself i am your friend but it will not help in future, just write informative things not the things related to urself, and you were not alone the part of UIT wining team at Rawalpindi there were two persons also try to thanks them also.

Allah Hafiz

Your Friend
Qasim Pasta said…
Walikum Assalam my friend, You post comments about Nastec on Poster Session post... good.. well friend I think I told myslef on my post of Nastec winning that 'I am also member of that team'. Is it not clear for you? No, then I can't do any thing for you :)

well nice to see your comments

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