Winners are here!!!

UIT has won trophy of Nastec 2005 Quiz Competition. I am also member of that wining quiz team. Today was my first day of UIT after come back from that trip and received unbelievable appreciation and encouragement. Each and every person congratulated me for this success. A lot of hand shakes, and surprisingly Mr. Zubeer (Dy. Director of Academics) embraced me. It was greet experience, no doubt it.


Anonymous said…
Asslamo Aliukum

yar Qasim sorry to say but please stop showing off urself i am your friend but it will not help in future, just write informative things not the things related to urself, and you were not alone the part of UIT wining team at Rawalpindi there were two persons also try to thanks them also.

Allah Hafiz

Your Friend

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