IE7 Online Tour!!!

Before, just leaving from my computer table I got Technet Flash in my inbox. I found a link of IE7 online tour, giving you a view of IE7.

I didn’t download the IE7 as I am Happy with IE6 and Mozila on my computer. But the features of IE7 exhibited by tour are:-

  • new interface
Well, new interface looked nice in showed images. Personally, I like light browser with low graphics bcz I want to save my memory and space for my work instead for buttons. But this time it looks preety.
  • tabbed browsing
At last, Microsoft realized the important of tabbed browsing. It never can be easy to manage 12 windows of IE, when you are searching on a topic. Tabbed browsing has been providing by other browsers but Quick Tabbed option seems excellent, good job guys!!!
  • Search
Well, like other browsing, now MS also providing search by multiple search engine.
  • RSS feeds
This can be primary reason if I will install IE7. These days a number of site supporting RSS, and it is excellent that by just one button I can see update without visiting those sites.
  • Security
Well, concept of safe and bad sites once again here. The only question, can’t say any thing about it unless I will install.

You can take your online tour here: Online IE7 Tour (


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