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Assalamulaikum Muhammad Qasim,good blogging! I came across some of your engineering blogs, but i cantsay i understand them because I am not an engineer. Anyway, I am sureyou've heard about the recent controversy surrounding the defamation bya Danish newspaper of our beloved prophet Muhammad (may God's peace andblessings be upon him). Please forward the below info regarding aboycott of Danish goods to everyone you know and encourage them to takepart.Also, if theres any other way you can help, contact me at this email.jazak'Allah,Omar AzeezLahore--please forward via email to friends, family and colleagues--<<CALL FOR A BOYCOTT OF DANISH GOODS>>In response to dafamatory caricatures of the noble prophet Muhammad(pbuh), all persons of faith in God and His Messenger are called upon toobserve a complete boycott of Danish goods and services available inPakistan.Please check the "Made in" label of your products and avoid purchasingsuch products as Arla foods (Puck cheese products). Merchants andShippers are asked to cancel business with Maersk Sealand and MaerskAirfreight services.-Consumers in Defense of Islam--End--


Anonymous said…
after a long time i am visiting ur blog.
n em surprize 2 c that much changes,posts n snaps :)
really very nice n impressive
and yeah really very well maintained. i wasn't xpecting all this..........!!
n after seeing poster seesion's day snaps em sad:(:( that i missed a wondurful gathering :(:(
i dont know u ppl missed me or not :$:$ ???
do tell ...
ok na ...???
well i think it is enough 4 today
4 next comment keep w8 n make more impressive changes ;):)

meet u after a short break ;);)
Anonymous said…
Hello Pasta

The pictures and thhe information that you are maintaining at this blog is wonderful. All I can say to you is keep this wonderful efforts going.

Wish you success in life.

Ayub Latif

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