Inter UIT Competition Series

So at last I am here with pending posts….

Few weeks before we had organized Inter UIT Competition Series in which students of UIT come across face each other in different competition including Dynamic Programming Competition, Quiz Competition, Web Designing Competition and Gaming Competition.

The prize distribution ceremony of these competitions still could not arranged due to illness of our respectable chairman, but hope, will accomplished soon. So, I am not in position to say about winners J

Dynamic Programming Competition:
After a long break, at last we again began Dynamic Programming Competition in UIT. This time we found less of interest from students, but hope so it will take boost in near future.

Quiz Competition:
We have successfully completed first Phase of Quiz Competition. Around 60 students participated in this competition. In first phase each students have given 40 questions to answer in 15 minutes. Top 12 students from the result of first phase have selected for final round which will held with Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Web Competition:
We posted a topic ‘Earth Quake in Pakistan’ for web designers for this competition. We received around 8 web sites, and forwarded to panel of judges to decide winner. The winner will announce in Prize distribution ceremony.

Gaming Compettion:
Wow, Gaming… it was most difficult to manage and largest competition that we hold. Unfortunately, I could not manage to take snaps of this competition. In this competition, around 110 people in 22 teams participated to battle of Counter Strike. League Matches, then Quarter Finals, then Semi Finals and the end finals. ‘D-Company’ and ‘UIT Criminals’ was finalist of this competition where D-Company won the final with significant margin.


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