Member of CLT!!!

Few days before, I got an email from Microsoft and I would like to quote here, “As a member of the Microsoft Student Partners you are now also a member of the Microsoft Community Launch Team”

Great!!! It looks cool. Now, but people would like to know what is Community Launch Team. So answer is here:

“The Community Launch Team is comprised of the Culminis, INETA and Microsoft Student Partners user groups. This puts you alongside two of the largest worldwide Professional Developer and IT Professional organizations. As a member of the Community Launch team you will receive privileged online training on the latest products Vista, Office 12, and .NET Framework 3.0 from Microsoft prior to their release”

The idea is great; they developed a site for Community Launch Team where we can attend online training and can also download tapped versions (that I do as online trainings are always in critical time of my schedules). But still, I did not find much helpful material except Hammad Rajob’s presentation on topic “10 tips for preparing and doing the presentation”. You can get more info about this presentation here.


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