Delegates in C#

  • Delegates are similar to function’s pointer, but it is type-safe
  • In C/C++, function’s pointer is only a memory addresses nothing else. It does not provide any information about return type, parameters and function calling convention; due to which function pointer are not type-safe.
  • A calling function describes how arguments are passed and values return by functions.
  • Delegate call other functions, without knowing who is calling
  • Delegate signature contains ‘delegate’ keyword, return type, delegate name (identifier) and parameters that the function takes.
  • Three steps:
    • Define signature of delegate (declaration)
    • define which method will call by this delegate (instantiation)
    • calling delegate (invocation)
  • Multicasting allows calling multiple methods (functions) by invoking single delegates. It maintain list of functions to call and can achieve by
    mydelegate = null;
    mydelegate = mydelegate + Delegate(function);
    mydelegate = mydelegate + Delegate(another function);


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